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  • Lyric Editing Service

Our team of experienced songwriters will go over your lyrics and give you the suggestions you need to have a fresh contemporary song in today's marketplace. We will collaborate with you on your lyrics by providing a second opinion on your lyrical phrasing for your song as well as offer lyrical suggestions to improve your song.

Keep in mind that we will not be writing lyrics from scratch. We will be collaborating with you as a songwriter so you can own 100% of the copyright to the lyrics we help you re-structure and edit! It’s always helpful to receive references of artists and writing styles of songs you like.

Grammatical Lyric Editing service costs $99 and include:
- Detailed lyric editing and suggestions for your lyric
- Royalty-free license - use the lyric for any commercial purpose.
- Ready in 48 hours or less

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lyric Editing
lyric Editing

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