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Let our mastering engineer put the finishing touches on your album. Using a combination of analog and digital gear, our mastering engineer will give your song the finished professional broadcast quality for record label scouting and radio airplay.

Our engineer has been working on albums for Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, OneRepublic and many others. Click here for full list of credits.

# Of songs Price Per Song
1 song $99/song
2 songs $95/song
3 songs $93/song
4 songs $91/song
5 songs $89/song
6 songs $87/song
7 songs $85/song
8 songs $83/song
9 songs $81/song
10 songs $79/song
11 songs $77/song
12 songs or more $75/song

- All packages include one free modification. Additional modifications are $25/each.
- Turnaround time is up to 72 hours.
- Songs over 5 minutes in length will be subject for additional fees.

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Master your song with Studiopros

Master your song with Studiopros

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Analog or digital? YOU choose!

The debate over using analog tapes, warm tube compressors and enhancers vs. precise, high-performance digital equipment will always be a hot topic. The truth is that it depends on the style of music.

If you're making an rock album (a la U2 or The Killers) OR a jazz album you're better off using analog gear. If you're making an pop album you'll want to use digital equipment to give it the sonic clarity of today's commercial pop songs.

When you order mastering from StudioPros, YOU can choose the way we master your song, or you can let us choose for you.

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