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Featured Artist: Ronnie Roseman

May 29th, 2014

Ronnie Roseman is one of the most interesting and unique songwriting clients I have ever worked with. He originally contacted me back in June of 2013 and since then we have been collaborating on transforming his song ideas into a fully produced, radio ready production.

I was impressed with Roseman’s melodies and lyrics of his song “My Baby Don’t Care”. We started the process by him just singing the melody of the song and providing the lyrics. From there, I sent his project to our guitarist to write a custom chord progression to add the harmonic elements to support the catchy melody that he’d been singing for years and years.  


Throughout the process, we overcame some hurdles as far as communicating his needs to the session musicians working on the project. Ronnie lives hundreds of miles from a recording studio in the woods of Washington, so working together over the internet was a must. What has developed in the final master of “My Baby Don’t Care” is something to truly be proud of. 

We chose a combination of authentic country musicians from the StudioPros team to develop an acoustic based instrumentation with: acoustic guitar, live drums, upright bass, and a lead fiddle performance. The vocals are what really sell the recording for me, however, by our talented session vocalist Kelsey. This is online collaboration at it’s finest, and proof that you can use our services from ANYWHERE.

Checkout StudioPros production of “My Baby Don’t Care”

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End of May Special: $99 Guitar Tracks

May 28th, 2014

We are offering $99 live guitar tracks for the remainder of the month of May! Add any combination of guitars to your project for additional rhythm or lead electric counter melodies to spice up your tracks.

For A Limited Time Only: Order live guitar for just $99.
Additional layers of guitar for the same song are just $25/layer. For example 3 guitars for the same song = $99 + $25  + $25

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-This offer expires 05/31/2014
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-There is no limit to the number of tracks you can order.

Contact one of our available if you’d like help setting up a project: 1-310-928-7776.

Songwriter’s Challenge: Write a Piano Pop Ballad

May 21st, 2014


As the Memorial Day weekend draws near, I wanted to send out a songwriter’s challenge for the long weekend. I challenge you to write a pop ballad.  Take that extra day you’re given this weekend and give yourself an hour or two to sit down and write a new song! A lot of pop artists are taking a step back on their productions and releasing material that is more stripped down minimal instrumentation of piano, some light orchestration with either synth strings or live strings and the perfect vocal production. Why not use it as a challenge to put out some similar demos in this style for publishing opportunities and pitching material?

Often times, tracks get overproduced and the most important element in the recording gets lost- the vocals and the story of the song. Sometimes, a piano/vocal production is the way to go. If you have a full band production of a song already complete, don’t forget to do a simple acoustic stripped back alternate mix of that song so you have options.

The StudioPros production team has recently finished the production of “For Amber” by French songwriter living in Switzerland, Ariane Mateesco. Ariane had originally wrote the song as a gift for her 15 year old sister Amber, taking a poem Amber had written in French and putting lyrics and music to the poetry. After speaking with her about the process and helping her develop the song, we did a piano based production with Kelsey on vocals and added a nice melodic cello playing supportive lead counter melodies. We also developed the song as a full band production adding drums and bass as an alternative version. Having both the full band production and the simpler piano/vocal version has expanded the options for sending the material out to A&R representatives and publishing companies.

 Check out StudioPros production of Mateesco’s song, “For Amber”:

Full Band Production:

Piano/Vocal/Cello Production:

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Featured Artist: Amy Scarlata

May 9th, 2014

Where would we be without our mothers? They have shaped who we are. This latest featured artist is Amy Scarlata. A young singer/songwriter and freshman in high school, Scarlata’s songwriting and life experience definitely exceed her 15 years of age. The chorus clearly speaks about her mother Christiana Scarlata, who has recently passed away. She has also recently written a new song for her mom, which will be the next in que for production.

As a tribute to mothers for this upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, we wanted to showcase the project “Guitar” which was recently recorded with StudioPros production team. Scarlata has taken her influences of pop/country songwriters and helped guide our production team to get the professional final product of her song and help her tell her story.

My mother was a great person all around. She cared for me a lot and made sure I was happy all the time. This song “Guitar” says it all. I am my mothers daughter and that is the best thing I could be.”

Check out StudioPros production of Guitar

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Featured Artist: Jose Kongo

April 23rd, 2014

me-in-hat-qW78Jose Kongo is a Portugal based artist who has collaborated with the StudioPros production team on a combination of 13 songs over the past 2 years. The worldly rhythms in his song “Nova Dia” always make me want to move when I’m listening to his track.

Kongo says his song was inspired by the hope of change of his native homeland Africa and the rise of a new day with some developments that have taken place on his last visit home. I can hear the hope and positive energy that has translated through the music of Nova Dia which means “New Day” in English. It always amazes me how music can transform a message universally. Even if you cannot understand the language. Music is a language we all speak.

The combination of the world percussion by our authentic percussionist with the live drums set the foundation for the production. The acoustic guitar drives the song, along with a steady bass line and island inspired keyboard tracks. The live horn section really give the song the additional punch. I really enjoy the feel good vibe of the production and the way the full band instrumentation perfectly supports the mellow and smooth quality of his vocals paired with the perfect combination of supporting backing vocals.

Check out StudioPros production of Nova Dia:

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