Featured Artist: James Robinson

With the help of Studio Pros, James Robinson made recordings on the road and expanded his production company’s clientele.

James Robinson is one of the lead writers and producers of APT6 Entertainment, a music production team (also including Dwayne and Dwight Madison and Greg Edwards) based out of Los Angeles, CA.  As self proclaimed “R&B heads,” the team is heavily influenced by such classic R&B greats as Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder and The Underdogs, as well as modern acts like Neyo, The Dream and Trey Songz.

“R&B is just our thing,” Robinson says.  “APT6 was birthed in the church/gospel music scene, so it’s only natural.”

Robinson joined APT6 in 2007, two years after it was formed.  Though originally brought on as a hip-hop artist, he was eventually made a co-owner.  Between Robinson, Edwards and the Madison Brothers, APT6 covered the composing/songwriting and keyboard playing side of things.  Studio Pros helped them have everything they need to be a full-service production team.

“Studio Pros is amazingly simple,” says Robinson.  “I can’t stress that enough.  We uploaded our WAV files, then we were prompted to leave notes and examples of what we were looking for. Within 48 hours we had our first sample! The engineer was almost dead on AND open to making adjustments.”

He soon learned to love the rapid turnaround time that Studio Pros offered.  “When we asked for adjustments on bass levels and reverb, we were shocked at how fast the turn around time was–I believe it was within a few hours,” he remembers.  “That was when I became a huge believer in the quality and customer service of Studio Pros.”

But the real kicker for Robinson was that he and APT6 did everything while they were on the road.  “We were going back and forth between in-home setups and handling a lot of business,” he explains.  Being in one place was close to impossible.”  And what did he think of what Studio Pros did with his simple recordings?  “The results were amazing.”

Robinson first heard about Studio Pros while browsing music forums online.  “I stumbled upon someone’s conversation, and they mentioned Studio Pros,” he says.  “I checked the website, spoke with the production manager…  The rest is history.”  He first decided to try Studio Pros to save some money on expensive recording studios.  “We wanted to create singles for advertising purposes, but we didn’t want to break the bank with studio fees,” he says.

The ease of use Studio Pros offered took Robinson by surprise.  “Everything was literally a few clicks away,” he says.  “Even when there were a few mistakes on our part, we were contacted by a producer who walked us through the process of correcting them.  Everything was made to be headache-free.”  When the final product was in his hands, Robinson used them to expand APT6’s business and open new doors.  “We used those recordings to build interest in our brand,” he says.  “We found a manager, a huge list of clients, and a few other music-related opportunities with those three singles alone.  Doors were opened because of the tracks we had mixed and mastered by Studio Pros.”

Robinson not only plans to use Studio Pros again in the future, but also recommends the service to musicians he works with.  “Independent musicians and writers who are looking for professional results in the field of audio engineering should definitely visit Studio Pros.  We recommend them [to our clients] every time.”

You can hear more from APT6 Entertainment at their MySpace page: myspace.com/APT6Entertainment