Printable Music Charts

If you need to copyright your song or if you're working with a band - detailed music charts are essential.

Send us your song, we'll transcribe it and send you printable charts within 48 hours or less!

Cost: $150

The price includes a PDF music chart for one song up to 5 minutes long. The chart includes: tempo, structure, sections, melody and chords

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music chart

Lyric Editing Service

Our team of experienced songwriters will go over your lyrics and give you the suggestions you need to have a fresh contemporary song in today's marketplace.

Keep in mind that we will not be writing lyrics from scratch. We will be collaborating with you as a songwriter so you can own 100% of the copyright to the lyrics we help you restructure and edit! It's always helpful to receive references of artists and writing styles of songs you like.

Costs $99

- Ready in 48 hours or less

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Lyric Translation

Expand the marketability of your recordings by having your songs produced in multiple languages for international releases! We have a team of experienced songwriters who can translate from your native language to English or Spanish.

Cost $150

- Ready in 48 hours or less

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