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  • 1. Place your order and upload your song to our site.
  • 2. Within 48 hours, we'll send you a high-quality mp3 preview.
  • 3. Request a modification or approve to get the final files.
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A custom track up to 5 minutes long - $199
  • - Additional layers of the same instrument $50/each.
All packages include:
  • - One FREE modification. Additional modifications are $50/each.
  • - You own 100% of our work.
  • - Money-back guarantee on your first order.


The Studio Pros' live string section
Complete String Section

Get a real quartet on your song or choose any combination of live strings to get the full string section sound you're after. We will even write and arrange the string parts for you, if you need help coming up with the parts.

Violin Tracks

When you need the professional touch of a live violin - we are here to help! Our violinist will help you get the emotional lead lines to give your song the authentic sound it deserves.

Viola Tracks

The viola is the middle string voice in between cello and violin. It will get you the mid range string sound to add warmth and depth to any song.

Cello Tracks

Cello is the lowest sounding instrument of our available strings and is sure to add a hauntingly beautiful dynamic to your songs. Cello stands great alone, or paired up with any of our other instruments.

The Studio Pros' Horn Section

Live from Los Angeles! Nothing compares to the sound of real musicians playing live instruments. Whether you just need one more track to add that extra layer to your great song or you need a variety of live musical instruments - we've got you covered. Our experienced session players will record your tracks live, with the exact groove and attitude that your song needs.

Complete Horn Section

Get the Studio Pros Complete Horn Section to shout out your hook and accompaniment your song. Our horn section can record to your chart or arrage the entire section for you!

Trumpet Tracks

When you need the professional touch of a live trumpet - StudioPros is the way to go. Our trumpet player will help you get the perfect fills and solos to make your song stand out from the crowd.

Saxophone Tracks

A live Saxphone track is what gives a song its soul. With a variety of saxophone instruments, you'll get that full body, warm sound you're looking for.

Trombone Tracks

Get the low end sound you need to make your music shine. A fat trombone track is sure to give your song the attitude it deserves.

Flute tracks

Upload your song with some reference tracks and we'll record custom flute tracks for your song in 48 hours or less. From Eastern India to Egypt, Africa and Ireland - We'll bring the sounds of the world to you.

Clarinet tracks

A live clarinet track is the perfect choice to bring mood to your track. The clarinet is similar to a saxophone as it is a woodwind, but it has a much cooler, less brash sound to it. It's a great lead instrument for all styles and even orchestral arrangements.

Upright Bass Tracks

Country Fiddle Tracks

Get the professional performance, sweetening lead lines, counter melodies and licks with our country fiddle player.

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4.8 (81 )

lev berlin, Nov, 2023

Amazing job!
I wrote a parody of "I Love Rock n' Roll" and needed someone to sing it in Joan Jett's style. Courtney clearly explained the proces ..Read More

Andre Crespo, Sep, 2023


I have build over time more than 10 songs under the artistic name The Good Lambs with the help of StudioPros. I simply love workin ..Read More

Jay Rosen, Sep, 2023

I like to write lyrics and I don’t know about the music industry. They will explain to you exactly what they do and how they can help. They answered ..Read More

animal lover, Aug, 2023

My name is Hailey and I am a singer/songwriter. I am currently working on my second song with StudioPros, and it has been such an amazing experience b ..Read More

Ken Adams, Feb, 2023

Studio Pros took my lyrics and a cappella vocals and turned
them into fully produced, professional sounding songs. Special thanks to Courtney, ..Read More

S. Kristi Douglas, Feb, 2020

I’ve used Studio Pros vocalists for several projects and have always been pleased. Recently worked with Evan who took my song to a new level. Dom is ..Read More

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