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Featured Artist: Veera Kaijanen

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

This month’s featured artist, Veera Kaijanen, is an international touring performing artist who has spent past years with the top entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil.

She specializes in hoola hoop dancing as her act as well as tight rope walking. The goal of this project, Revontulet, was to create an instrumental track that evokes the emotion in her audience to match her performance on stage with her hoola hoops. Obviously, these projects don’t pop up every day! Challenge accepted.

Step by step, our team layered a combination of keyboards, live drums, drum programming, electric bass, electric guitars and ambient layers of vocals to create the sound scape. The final product is something proud of, fit for the stage.

Watch Veera perform to “Revontulet”:

*This live performance was at GOP variety theater in Hanover, Germany.

Audio version of “Revontulet”:

The composer of Revontulet, is a favorite client of mine and also a touring performing artist, Kimmo Olavi. He recommended Veera to our team as we have helped him produce a few of his original pieces as well.

NOTE FROM KIMMO, the composer of this piece:

Kimmo: Writing the song started from the movement of the hoola hoop. We talked with Veera that they look like the northern lights, and I sat on the piano and composed the track inspired by that visual image. Then I timed the melody together with Veera’s hoola hoop tricks, and we were ready to produce the track with Kati O Toole and the StudioPros production team. The process was again, amazing. It’s great to hear track by track how it molds. It’s like painting on canvas. You add layers and layers and layers, until the northern lights are there.

Click here to read more about Kimmo and check his original compositions.

An Interview with Vera on Revontulet:

How was the StudioPros process for you? Was it difficult to work online?

Difficult? Not at all! I feel actually that it was very solid and easy way of working. Also, very quick. The work presented was always very professional. StudioPros was listening very well. My needs and result arrived in my email faster than I thought. Every single time.  I really like this way of online working. It opens so many new doors for artists and makes things possible even from other side of the world.


How did we help to get your songs sounding professional?


Featured Artist: Bonnie Lorenzen

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

FeatureBonnieColorThis month’s featured artist, Bonnie Lorenzon, approached me with a bunch of tunes that she wanted to get produced. She was prepared with a vocal and guitar demo that we transformed into a full band country production.  She’s one of the most enthusiastic writers I have ever worked with! 

We decided to go with our Basic Production Package which included live drums, bass, country guitars, keys and use our country vocalist Donnie.  The end result is a fantastic blend of professional musicians playing and singing a well written good old country song.  I’m looking forward to producing many more songs with Bonnie in the writers seat.

Check out “Country Boy”:

How did you first get involved with

I found StudioPros by searching with the Google search engine. I spoke with Robb a couple of months ago and he returned my email and he gave me a call.  For years I have been wanting to have my songs professionally recorded, but no time to go into a studio.  StudioPros is great for a person with a busy schedule.

How was the StudioPros process for you?

I feel that the process was flawless.

How did we help to get your songs sounding professional? 

I love the stage process that you offer, and the communication from the beginning to the end.

How many songs have you produced with StudioPros?

Just one song for now, and currently mid production on my second.  I have more songs that I want to have recorded by StudioPros in the future.

What are you doing with your music?  

I am currently listing it on iTunes and have built a website for my songs recorded by StudioPros. I am hoping to get a recording contract.

Who are some of your favorite songwriters and musical influences? 

My greatest influence in music is Marty Stuart. I first met him in Urbana Maryland at a Carnival I love his style of music.  I became a member of his No Hats club and saw him a lot in concert. I like to write with my 2 guitars, an electric and a Martin.

When did you begin songwriting?

I started writing songs at the age of 8 years old. My very first song was called New York City. In 1980 I wrote about 20 songs. What instruments do you write with? I have written all of my songs with no instruments just my mind and sing how I want the song to go.

“Country Boy” packs a lot of energy; what was the inspiration and writing process like for that song? 

When I wrote I’m A Country Boy I was dating a guy that was totally in love with me and I was not in love with him.  He had blonde hair, overweight, smoked camel cigarettes and drank Budwiser beer.

Besides music, what else do you enjoy? 

Love horseback riding on mountain trails, fishing, cooking, taking trips to Berkley Springs, West VA. Love watching movies, love fashion, makeup, and modeling.

Do you draw inspiration from your everyday life? 

Yes God and Music

What do you do for a living? 

Horse trainer, Horse Breeder, Design Websites, Ross Clothing 13.

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Featured Artist: Frank Lupo

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

U&ME2Frank Lupo is a New Jersey based songwriter that I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with on for 4 productions. Each song unique and well written, Frank delivers catchy melodies and progressions that echo in my mind after I leave the studio.

Having melodies that are memorable are a must for a successful production. Since we are close to Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, I thought I’d share one of Lupo’s latest productions which is a beautiful adult contemporary ballad written for his wife.

We decided to go with a more stripped down production focusing on a grand piano with lush live string arrangements including a quartet of cello, violin and viola. We chose our session vocalist Tara to deliver the vocals on the track. The first time I heard Tara’s vocal interpretation on this recording, I had to listen again right away. Her delivery is so honest and fitting for this song.

Checkout “U & ME”:

How did you first get involved with StudioPros?

I initially got involved with StudioPros to get my songs recorded. Hiring professional musicians and booking studio time is very expensive and StudioPros was a very economical way of getting my songs produced. Although I was a little apprehensive at first, the end result was great. Since I am not extremely good with the computer, with Kati’s help, it was a breeze. Working with her was a pleasure and she made working online run smoothly for me.

How did we help to get your songs sounding professional?

Dealing with StudioPros was terrific. They are truly a top-notch service with courteous professionals, producers and musicians. As modifications were needed, each was handled in a way that exceeded my expectations. “U & ME” was my third song produced with StudioPros and I am pleased to say that with each one, it gets better and better.

What are you doing with your music? What’s next for you?

I am currently going through a few organizations to sell my recordings (TV and movie companies to use as soundtracks). I’m trying to reach out to record producers who are in the market for “up and coming” artists.  Hopefully, next step is to continue writing and producing to work my way up to the “big time”!

I still have a few more songs to get out there and who knows what the future may bring???  I will tell you this, all of my songs will go through Kati O’Toole, StudioPros and their team because they are without doubt, THE BEST .


Featured Artist: Alvaro Rodriguez

Thursday, January 15th, 2015


This month’s featured artist is paired with a very heart warming story. Miami based, Alvaro Rodriguez created his first project with StudioPros for a very special purpose. He used it as a proposal to his long time girlfriend. We are happy to announce that she said YES on Christmas morning. Congratulations!

Collaborating on Rodriguez’s pop production, “Playground Full Of Dreams”, was a collaborative effort from start to finish. Alvaro is a talented audio engineer by profession and the owner of a music and audio-post production house based in Miami. He has experience creating original music and sound design for major brands in the US through his own company, so he had a lot of input throughout the production of his song.

I helped structure his lyrics in a way that would make most sense in song form as well as phrasing the lines for a vocalist. From there, we discussed many references together and arrangement ideas throughout the production process. We built the production from a foundation of guitars, live drums, bass, keyboards and lap steel. Choosing from our team of session vocalists, Kelsey’s lead vocals were supported by Michelle’s bluesier backing vocals. This created the perfect combination of sweetness on the lead with a grittier texture on backups to add interest.

Rodriguez was able to get really involved in the production providing detailed comments each step of the way. We used some of his favorite musical influences including John Mayer and Norah Jones to guide the musicians in the right direction for reference. He even went the extra mile to edit specific tracks to his liking prior to moving things to the mix. This is just another example of how producers and engineers can utilize the StudioPros production team to get the sound you are looking to achieve.

Checkout “Playground Full Of Dreams”

How did you first get involved with StudioPros?

I first heard of StudioPros through an engineer friend of mine. I am an audio-post engineer and dedicate pretty much 100% of my time to sound designing, mixing and editing TV spots, radio commercials and TV shows. I do get to write music for such commercials alongside an amazing group of composers/producers that work with me. However, most of my time is dedicated to technical stuff.

I am always writing songs. Bits and pieces here and there, ideas, etc. Having my own studio in Miami makes it very easy for me to sit down and record ideas to develop later on when time allows me to do so. When I found out about StudioPros, I knew it would be a great solution for me. Not only because of the level of musicianship and professional sound provided, but also because I could keep on doing my audio post jobs while I had a production helping hand on the other side and amazing musicians recording my ideas as I intend them to be recorded.


Featured Artist: Luciana Zogbi

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Luciana 1Luciana is a very talented artist.  From the get go, she had a clear vision for all the songs that she produced with StudioPros.  She acted very much as one of the producers on the project, which is the great part of working with StudioPros, you can be as involved as you would like or give complete control to us producers on the team here.

For “Stardust”, you can clearly hear the European artist influences of Adele and Coldplay with the soaring strings and electric guitar riffs, but she still keeps it unique to her style.  She knew where she wanted to take this song from the start.  We used our Basic Production Package, along with a String Quartet, and Tara singing background vocals.

Check out “Stardust”

How did you first get involved with

I stumbled into the music industry quite by accident. It all started out last year when I uploaded a cover song to YouTube for my sister’s birthday. I thought only my friends and family would watch my singing video, but for my surprise, it went viral. This video has now over 19 million views on YouTube and before long, I started uploading more and more singing videos.

Recently I decided to move away from covers and record my original songs. But I’m an undergraduate business and economics student studying/working full time and it would be impossible for me to spend hours and hours on studio sessions. That’s where StudioPros came in and they exceeded all my expectations. Within a few weeks they were able to craft my demo song into a commercially viable record. I couldn’t believe it!

How was the StudioPros process for you? Was it difficult to work online?

In my case, working online wasn’t a choice; it was a necessity. If it weren’t for StudioPros online services, I probably wouldn’t have recorded my songs. The website’s platform is very easy to work with and the musicians are all remarkably professional and talented.  Robb completely understood my style and concept and was very competent in communicating my vision to the musicians.Luciana 2

How did we help to get your songs sounding professional?

The production of a demo song into a “radio ready “record takes ability, talent and experience. The team at StudioPros has all of those qualities and more. The musicians delivered creative, original tracks and Robb was able to turn my idea into a tangible product.

How many songs have you produced with StudioPros?

Two songs, and I hope to get more songs produced soon.

What are you doing with your music? What’s next for you?

Despite my parents thinking this is madness and wanting me to work in a bank, all is good and I feel optimistic. I already have a large fan base that will buy my records so I will continue to perform, produce and release my music.

Who are some of your favorite songwriters and musical influences?

My taste in music is very eclectic. I grew up listening to classic rock like U2, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Scorpions etc… When I started my musical education, I migrated towards Jazz, Alternative and even Classical. For this song specifically, my inspirations were Adele and Coldplay.

When did you begin songwriting? What instruments do you write with?

I began songwriting as a hobby when I was 12. I play the guitar and the piano, but I prefer composing on the guitar.

Luciana 3

“Stardust” packs a lot of emotion; what was the inspiration and writing process like for that song?

I was so inspired to write this song that I finished it in 48 hours. This inspiration came from something quite philosophical my grandfather jokingly said to me: “When all of your problems seem too big, remember we are only stardust lost in space and we mean nothing (laughter)”. This sentence stuck in my head and I kept asking myself: Are we here for a reason? Or are we simply a collection of random chemicals made in the cataclysmic explosion of stars: Stardust (or nuclear waste if you are less romantic).

This song invites the listeners to revisit the most primitive question of all: “What are we?” We humans declare ourselves to be alive even though we don’t know what that means. We build rockets and smartphones, but we are incapable of explaining our most primitive urges and desires. I could go on and on…

Besides music, what else do you enjoy?


Do you draw inspiration from our everyday life?

Of course! I love writing about everyday events and feelings that people identify with. I think music is a fantastic tool that allows us to find deeper meaning in everyday concepts.

What do you do for a living?

I am currently an undergraduate business and economics student.

What is your plan for your final recordings?

I will record a music video to go along with this song and then release it on YouTube, Itunes, Spotify…etc


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