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Featured Artist: Gary Quinn

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

garyquinnUpdate: 12/4/2013:
We are so proud of your recent win for UK Song of the Year at the British Country Music Awards in London!  For the song the Studio Pros team produced a while back: “He Don’t Show Her Anymore”. Congrats Gary! Keep on writing those beautiful country ballads!

The story behind the songwriter.

Gary Quinn is a songwriter that knows how to pull on the heartstrings of his audience.  Creating beautifully crafted lyrics, he draws you in with his picturesque storytelling through his swooning country melodies.  Quinn grew up in Ireland where he listened to his father’s Kris Kristofferson tapes, but he ended up falling in love with American country music after hearing the Garth Brooks album No Fences in the early ’90s. “There’s a big country and Irish scene with an undercurrent of American country, which is what I’m into,” Quinn says of Ireland. “It started picking up again with the likes of the Internet. It’s a bit more accessible.” (more…)

Featured Artist: Conor Matthews

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

We have just had the pleasure of completing an EP for a talented young songwriter with a lot of promise in his future. Still a high school student, Conor Matthews writes with a maturity way beyond his age. You can hear his influences of Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Rascal Flatts in his carefree style and sincere lyrics. It’s no wonder since he’s been writing, singing, playing piano and guitar from the young age of 9 years old.

Recording Your Productions Step By Step

Being an active high school student, Conor didn’t have the time to spend long hours in the studio. After searching online and speaking with our head producer, Kati O’Toole, Conor found that Studio Pros had everything he needed. Working online was simple for Conor. “I loved the step-by-step approach to recording so that I could determine if each instrument matched both the notes and the feel I had in mind. Working online made the whole thing really easy for me”, he says. “It allowed me to give my input and reactions at a time that was good for me.” (more…)

Featured Artist: Sophie Morgan

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Pop-country production with Studio Pros.

Meet Sophie Morgan. She is a young UK based singer songwriter with talent well beyond her late teen years. With influences ranging from Frank Sinatra to My Chemical Romance, she is a rising star to watch. Sophie contacted Studio Pros with an interest to record one of her more country/folk influenced songs and the results were outstanding.

We took Sophie’s original piano vocal demo and transformed it into a pop-country hit. Incorporating her influences of pop country artists Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, the Studio Pros team produced Sophie’s original song through our step by step recording process.

We chose the perfect combination of country instrumentation including: country guitars, country fiddle, drums, bass, pedal steel, vocal tuning and backing vocals to support Sophie’s vocals. (more…)

Featured Artist: Kevin Tye

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Kevin Tye had never made a professional product with his music.  With the help of Studio Pros, he’s now taken his passion to the next level.

Kevin Tye has quite a bit of musical experience–he played in local bands for almost a quarter century. Eventually he moved on to writing his own material, taking advantage of the fact that he could set up a home studio very easily with today’s computer recording options. These days, he writes and records songs in his spare time when he’s not a this full-time job as a teacher. “I do it as a passion,” he says. “I just like to create things.” But until recently, he had never attempted to make a fully professional recording of his music.

Tye writes in multiple styles and genres, but as of late he has been focusing his creative efforts mainly on writing country songs. He saw an ad for Studio Pros in a magazine. “I decided I would give it a try,” he remembers, “to see what one of my songs would sound like through a professional studio.”

“I was a bit unsure exactly how it was all gonna play out,” he admits. But Tye’s confidence grew with each step of the recording process with Studio Pros; it started with a song sketch and built from there, while he gave his input on each of the tracks as he heard them. He was particularly interested in hearing the musical direction his songs would take by letting Studio Pros’ session musicians make their own decisions. “I wanted to see what the choices would be for people who are doing this thing day in and day out,” he explains. Then, giving more of his own feedback as the process went on, Tye struck a balance that he felt optimized his songs. “In the end I think it was a good mix of musical choices. For example, the singer did some slightly different things in the vocal than I had done, which I ended up liking quite a bit. So it was kind of that process where I was just feeling it out at first, then giving more input at the very end stages.”


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