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Featured Artist: Stephen McElligott

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

How to avoid the pitfalls of your previous studio experiences—and vastly improve your chances to get your song published with major A&R representatives.

Stephen McElligott reminisces about a recording he made of one of his songs in a local studio. “I wasn’t happy with that production, really,” he recalls. “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, how am I gonna save this?’ I basically turned around and found Studio Pros and thought, ‘Brilliant, they’re my savior.’”

McElligott has been playing music since he was seven years old. He wrote his first song at 16 and soon began playing in clubs and venues around Ireland and Scotland. His music is influenced by music that spans many decades, from The Beatles to Glen Hansard. But after years of writing and performing, McElligott still hadn’t achieved a major goal: recording a professional sounding, radio-quality version of his songs. “I’ve worked with musicians before, and it’s like wearing a blindfold when you take them into the studio because you’ve gotta pay them, and you don’t know how good they are, you haven’t really heard their stuff,” he explains.

Recording A Song Professionally Without Breaking The Bank

The Irish guitarist/singer/songwriter had been in need of a polished, professional recording solution that wouldn’t break the bank. Plus, he was hoping to have better luck submitting his music to TAXI to get song placements and licensing opportunities. He stumbled upon Studio Pros while searching online for recording studios and decided to learn more. “I clicked on it and thought, this is cool, and it’s affordable,” he says. “I had a listen to some samples and thought it was brilliant. I really needed this with the budget I’m on. I would spend 250 Euros on a musician for a day in the studio, whereas Studio Pros is only $150. I thought it was fantastic—it’s not often that you get to work with really good professional musicians, you know?”

Listen to Stephen’s track “She Blew Me Away,” produced by Studio Pros:

“With Studio Pros, they give you a listen to the musicians’ capabilities, what they’re able to do, and the versatility that the musicians there have. And that really was the winner for me. It was the overall sound even more than the price.”

“The price was a bonus!” he adds. The convenience and the time it saved by working with Studio Pros was also a big factor for McElligott. Normally, making a recording was a process that could take weeks. Now, he could let the Studio Pros musicians do the heavy lifting while he spent his time doing more important things. “Studio Pros is really easy with the turnaround time of two days, and that’s not even counting if you expedite your recording,” he says. “I just thought that was fantastic. When I record, it takes a lot of time, and Studio Pros took that time off my hands. It was brilliant! I could spend time with my kids at home while my stuff was getting recorded. There was no hard work that really had to go into it, it was just a very easy process.”

Access Your Online Recording Studio Wherever You Go!

McElligott didn’t even have to work exclusively out of his home, either. “You could work from anywhere in the world,” he says. “It wasn’t like you had to travel to such and such studio and get out your gear and get all the musicians in, get them flights, get whoever you needed from whatever country. It was like I could do this from anywhere in the world. I could have my audio interface and I could do a recording and just send it off. And with the quality of the sound engineers there, it makes it all the more easy.”

It was precisely the recording engineers that would play a hand in passing McElligott’s final test: submitting his songs to independent A&R company TAXI. Luckily, where his previous recordings hadn’t made the cut, his Studio Pros productions did. “The songs were just coming back from recordings I did in studios over here,” he remembers. “They were getting returned with bad reviews because of the quality of the sound. I submitted my Studio Pros version and I got a nice 9 out of 10! The quality was right up there.”

McElligott is planning on recording the rest of his EP with Studio Pros, then hitting the road to go on tour. “I need to get the musicians to do what Studio Pros did,” he adds with a laugh.

  • Bill Wren

    “She Blew Me Away” is a very nice song, and nicely produced. Stephen’s work has a George Harrison feel to it.
    I have also had good luck with Studio Pros for my past demo work. They are very easy to work with, providing great production and musicianship.
    Kati O’Toole is a great songwriter/ vocalist and producer in her own right, and knows exactly what she is doing. If you want to take your music to the next level and have your songs selected by A&R pros I highly recommend using Studio Pros services.
    Bill Wren

  • Andrew Kagya

    That is rocking, nice work, keep it up. Wish to have our done by you in the near future.

    Andrrew Kagya, Bukoba-Tanzania

  • bozhidar balkas

    hi kati,
    thanks for ur mail
    i am recording/puting to music my songs for home enjoyment. and i am giving my songs to nenad [pronounced like be sad] bach to use for own band free of charge. nenad bach is also croat’n like me.
    he leads a band, composes melodies, and is the lead singer of his band.

    i have already sent 3 a capella croat’n songs to a croat’n klapa of my home town on the adriatic to either work on them or pass ‘em on to the person who gathers dalmatians songs, because i have no one to leave ‘em to.

    we dalmatians differ from other croat’ns. we are an admixure of slavs, italians/romans, and indigenes who inhabited balkans long before roman conquest of it.

    and these people love to sing in groups; having produced at least dozens of very good melodies.
    so, my talent is not solely mine. i thank my ancestors for it. i am just a link in the chain of the tradition.

    i must admit that i still find the music accompanying the song In our garden unique; however, i do enjoy listening to its piano chords. tnx bozh

  • Petervred

    Nice sound, and I like Stephen’s ( or the studio pro’s) influences, or what sounds like it could be influences, Bob Dylan, Emmit Rhodes. Great guitar solo! Sweet backups.

    • Stephen McElligott

      Thanks petervred and Andrew. Yeah I get the Dylan line quite a bit. I also get the Tom Petty line too. Great thing about studio pros is they will take your song in the exact direction you want it to go in. If your contemplating about doing one of your future projects with Kati and the rest of the Gang you should certainly do so or at least give it more thought.

      From the land of the Leprachaunic Rock’n'rollers.


  • Scott Thompson

    Wow, wow, wow, sounds like Tom Petty meets and Irish rocker. Great job. I played it three times in a row and my toes kept tapping along. Great job. This guy’s going somewhere and what a fabulous job by Studio Pros. You rock yall.

  • Deacon Eves

    Real music professionals Studio Pros,, no doubt about it

  • 12publishinguk

    great result ~ totally believable pro standard and a fun uplifting song & sound ~ congratulations Stephen on the writing and Studio Pros on the track & production

  • Radmusic2012

    As far as the recording, it sounds good.

  • Charley Berrier

    She blew me away. . . credit where credit is due :) Good stuff!

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