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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

What is an EP?

An EP by definition, is short for extended play (EP), which consists of more music than a single recording but is too short to qualify as a full studio album. EP’s originally became popular with indie bands and punk bands in the UK, but have now gained popularity in the music scene with the changes of the music industry today.

These days, the idea of a full length album and the old fashioned sense of buying an album has chanced. Listening from start to finish in one drive or sitting has become almost obsolete (with the exception of those few music geeks like myself).

With the advancements of the digital world, people are simply buying and downloading their favorite songs as singles off of albums instead of purchasing the full album from iTunes or other digital distribution companies. Generally speaking, EP’s are around 25 minutes of music and include 3-6 songs as part of the project.

As an independent artist, the EP is the way to go for a debut release as it’s more affordable and you can focus on your best songs and see the response you are getting from listeners before investing in a full length album.

LP vs. EP

LP, by definition is short for Long Play (LP). This stemmed from vinyl records and the old school phonograph records in days gone by. LP’s would also be considered full length albums in today’s terminology and typically consist of at least 9-12 songs on a single album project. This is what the traditional album would be called.

Release an EP with Studio Pros

As the popularity for EP’s continues to grow, we urge independent artists to focus on their best “cream of the crop” songs and start investing in getting those produced. We have a lot of experience in helping artists develop their sound, style, vision and help in translating those ideas into fully produced recordings.

Check out a recent EP that has been released by Charlie Barclay and produced by Studio Pros:

Our music production packages consist of live full band instrumentation, including live drums, bass, 3-6 guitars, 2-4 keyboards and mixing/mastering by a Grammy nominated engineer.

Send us your demo to our Free Project Consultation Page to get started today:

Stop putting your music on the back burner. If you are interested in getting your songs professionally produced with our production team, contact one of our available producers at: 1-310-928-7776 or email us at: Record an EP this April 2013, and get $100 towards each song! Contact us for more info.

Featured Artist: Charlie Barclay

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Producing your EP with StudioPros production team.

Charlie Barclay is an upcoming Dallas, TX based alternative/pop singer/songwriter who we’ve just had the honor of producing.  Barclay draws inspiration from current artists such as John Mayer, Ben Rector and Steve Moakler as well as classic artists such as Led Zeppelin, Jim Croce, and Jackson Browne. His songs have infectious melodies and lyrics that stay with you far beyond your first listen of the song. Charlie has used Studio Pros to release his first single off his debut EP “Shallow Hearts” as well as his second EP “The Love You Give” which we have just wrapped up production on. This is a great example of how artists can access professional musicians as independent musicians and focus on their talent as songwriters and let the pros do the rest. (more…)

Use Studio Pros No Matter What Language You Speak

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

We love working with artists from across the globe. Although many of our customers live in America, we are always recording music projects for people in Europe, Asia, South America—just about anywhere besides Antarctica, really. We also regularly work with musicians who don’t speak English as their first language. Take Andrea Iorio, for example. He speaks some English, but we recorded several of his songs in his native language of Italian. (If you check out the link to his feature above, you can hear our session vocalist Michelle doing a great job singing in Italian!)

Still, there may be artists out there who are afraid that the language barrier could be a problem. How can you communicate what you want for your song if you don’t speak fluent English, or any English at all for that matter?

At Studio Pros, we believe that when it comes down to it, we’re all speaking the same language: music.

Which means that even if you don’t feel confident in conveying what you want for your project in words, we can still find a way to record the song you’ve always wanted.

The fact is, whether you live in Mumbai, Paris, or Mexico City and want to hear your songs on American radio or in Hollywood films, we can help you get there. We’ll do everything we can to work with you no matter what language you speak. Our team will use Google Translate to interpret your feedback and instructions. Even if the translation isn’t perfect, we’ll go the extra mile to understand your request and make sure your music is recorded just the way you like it. We’ll use reference tracks to hear examples of what you want out of your recording. (more…)

Recording Tips: How to Stop Putting It Off

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Recording is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work, too. It’s so easy to put it off when you’ve got a ton of things that seem more important at the time. I find myself doing it constantly. I could record a vocal track, but I have to get my laundry done. I could lay down a few guitar parts, but I’ve gotta go to meet up with friends in an hour and I don’t want to lose track of time.

The excuses could be endless if you’re good at coming up with them. But then something inevitably happens after I put off a recording project for long enough: I start to feel bad.

I feel bad that a month has gone by and I’m no further along in my recording than I was before. Or worse, I feel bad because a few months have gone by and I haven’t even started recording a song. When I realize my song could have been finished already, it only adds to the frustration. If you’re a chronic procrastinator like me, or even if you’re not and you would just like a few tips on getting motivated, here are a couple things to remember when the recording studio beckons.

It won’t ever get done if you don’t start it

The only way to guarantee your song doesn’t get finished is to never start it in the first place! Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part, and once you’re going you find that you are inspired to keep it up. Often there is just that initial hurdle of getting the first thing recorded that’s giving you a mental block, but hearing your song get started usually reminds you of how cool it’s gonna sound when it’s complete. (more…)

Anyone Has a Chance to Make It

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

This is a pretty amazing time in the music industry. Sure, you might be hearing a lot about how the business is suffering, records aren’t selling, and all sorts of other stories of doom and gloom. But what you may not be hearing about is how exciting it is for independent artists at the moment.

Yes, big record companies are suffering at the hands of the Internet and file sharing. But there’s something else going on that you may also have noticed… Artists are finding success in unorthodox ways. Look at Justin Bieber: you may not like his music, but he’s nothing short of a sensation at the moment. And how did he start out? With a YouTube video. Soulja Boy got a number one hit song, and his career was launched by Myspace.

And they’re not the only ones, either. Lots of musicians are going from unknowns to having international followings because of social networking, viral videos, and other modern ways of reaching fans. Remember when OK Go came out with their “treadmill video?” Suddenly they became a household name. And if it weren’t for the wonders of the world wide web, these artists may never have gotten their big break!

But what does this mean for you?

It means that you could be the next overnight Internet success story. Thanks to modern technology, just about anyone has the chance of making it these days. But there is still one key aspect that you must have, and that’s a professional quality, radio-ready recording. Because if you get half a million views on YouTube but don’t have a recording that radio stations can play along with their usual playlists, they won’t play it.

In today’s music business, record companies demand that artists have done most of the work already—they have a fan base, and they have a recording that’s ready to go. The less investment necessary for them, the better.

So the solution is simple:
1. Write an incredible song that will be worthy of a million YouTube hits.
2. Record a radio-ready version of it that will be ready to hand to radio stations after your overnight success.

We want you to have that professional recording, so we’ve got our own state-of-the-art technology to get it to you fast. Click here to start a production today so you can be ready for success tomorrow.

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