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Featured Artist: Philip Lindholm

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Philip4Dr. Philip Lindholm is a client we have come to know really well over the years. He has been collaborating with StudioPros since the beginning of our company’s development. If anyone knows how we’ve grown as a production team and what it takes to get your songs recorded online with our team of session musicians, Philip does!

Over the course of the past 6 or so years, Lindholm has collaborated with StudioPros’  on at least 20 projects, ranging from full fledged music productions, custom instrumentation, backing vocals, mixing, mastering and more. He has had success as an independent singer/songwriter having songs licensed for independent movies, as well as releasing recordings independently. Currently, he is the singer/songwriter for the Seattle-based band Whisky N’ Rye. (more…)

Featured Artist: Angie Zawada

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Inspirational songwriting, an interview with Angie Zawada

ang2Angie Zawada is a songwriter I have come to know quite well over the past year. We have produced two full productions together along with StudioPros’ production team. Both projects have been huge thought out productions with lush arrangements, full band instrumentation, full choral arrangements and an inspirational message for the world.

She is an emotional songwriter- someone who finds time in her busy life as a 4th grade school teacher to spend late nights pouring her soul into her productions. She has been involved every step of the way in the production process and has fine tuned each step of the production until she is 100% sure that the production that unfolds meets her message and vision for her songs. (more…)

Featured Artist: Jack Brill

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

A versatile songwriter, Jack Brill, finds the team to take his songs from demo quality to the radio airwaves.JackBrill

Jack Brill is a blues, pop, rock song writer and a favorite staple for collaboration ,who has now used Studio Pros’ production services on seven songs. Coming away with a great completed set of productions, Brill has proven that you don’t have to be in the same city, country, even continent to collaborate on projects with the Studio Pros team.

Brill left his home of New Jersey in the United States and settled in beautiful Sicily, Italy- causing him to essentially lose his previous band. With the help of Studio Pros’ accesible services, Brill recalls, “It was like a band away from home.”

Listen to Jack’s productions produced by Studio Pros:

Brill cites Bob Dylan as a driving force for his music. We spoke to him about growing up and what it was like harnessing the genius of other songwriters into his songs.  “I think I started writing my own songs cause I couldn’t figure out what he was saying (Dylan), ” says Brill. “My mom hated Dylan’s music, which made me like him even more. Being from Philly in my teens, the folk scene was just starting to emerge. The radio was playing mostly Smokey Robinson, the Tokens and the Temptations, but me and a couple of friends were working on Bob Dylan, Eric Anderson and Dave Van Ronk songs. These guys were my inspiration.”

Access Studio Pros from anywhere in the world!

The Studio Pros team thoroughly enjoyed working on Brill’s songs as he had such a dynamic variety of songs from pop, blues, rock to bluegrass.  That is the sign of a talented and versatile songwriter.  From the bluesy notes of “I Want You” to the traditional bluegrass instrumentation of “Mother Mary” to the traditional Dixieland big band feel of “New Orleans” -the team took Brill’s basic concept demos and transformed them through the step by step process sending him previews of each instrument as it was tracked all via email.  Together with the producers, Brill hand picked the instrumentation that would best fit the style and final product of the demos that he was going for. (more…)

Using Reference Tracks to Get The Sound You Want

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Have you ever tried talking to someone about your music? Sometimes describing something so abstract can be a little tricky.

“I want this song to have a smooth vibe, but still be a little rough around the edges.”

“This song should rock out and have tons of energy.”

“This track very ethereal and spiritual, but without being corny.”

Sound like anything you’ve heard before? Each of these things means a specific thing to the artist. But what it means to them could be completely different from what it means to you (or any other musician for that matter). And that’s the trouble with using words to describe music: it’s not always a universal language. What’s dark to one person might be somber to another. What’s peppy to one ear could be cheesy to the next. So how can you convey the style you’re going for, particularly when you’re doing a project with an online recording studio like Studio Pros?

The answer: reference tracks!

The simplest and most helpful way to help a musician figure out what you want for your song (beyond musical charts) is to provide them with songs that achieve the same kinds of goals you want your song to achieve. That’s why the musicians at Studio Pros like having our customers send reference tracks to help translate their instructions. Reference tracks are particularly important when the customer provides only a basic recording of the song (like a vocal/guitar take) or have decided to use our chord progression writing service. Any time we don’t have a partially-arranged recording to base our parts on, reference tracks are very useful.

You may be thinking to yourself, “But I don’t want to send in reference tracks. I don’t want them to just copy another artist’s song. I want my song to be original!”

We understand the concern; no one wants to sound like they ripped other musicians off. But Studio Pros’ world-class session musicians don’t use reference tracks so they can copy from them. As the name suggests, they are simply for reference. Our session players have played on countless major label releases, so they have lots of experience capturing different vibes, not copying other artists.

You may also be thinking, “but my song is unique in style, there isn’t an artist that I can be compared to!”

That’s awesome!  We love working with talented artists forging new grounds with their music.  But you can put those creative forces to work with the reference tracks, too…  If you can’t say, “I want this song to sound like Ben Harper,” you can say: “I’d love the raw energy of Ben Harper’s ‘Ground On Down’ along with the laid back beach feeling of Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Margaritaville.’”  This way you can retain the uniqueness of your song, but also give our musicians some great references to work from.

So for your next Studio Pros project, think about some songs that have a comparable sound and feel to the track you want to record and upload them with your song files and instructions. This will help you get the best possible product and maximize your Studio Pros experience!

To get your next project started, click here.

Featured Artist: Reign Lee

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Working from halfway across the world, Reign Lee used Studio Pros to record with world-class LA studio musicians from the the comfort of her own home.

Playing across continents is hard work, but recording an album with musicians that are halfway across the globe is even harder. Unless you do what Hong Kong musician Reign Lee did: record with Studio Pros. Lee has no trouble finding musicians to back her up in the many countries where she gigs, but when it came time to record her songs, she came up short. “I’m a solo artist, so when I tour I play with different players in different parts of the world,” she explains. “I don’t have a set band that I can just head into the studio with and start working on a record.”

For her latest EP, Angels in the Dirt, Lee decided she would use Studio Pros to record with top Los Angeles session musicians while staying in Asia. “About a year and a half ago I came across an ad for Studio Pros on Reverbnation,” she says. “I’d also read an article in Sound on Sound magazine and was very intrigued by the whole process. I knew that with this record I wanted to have a different experience than what I’ve had in the past and I really wanted to kick it up a few levels. That was why Studio Pros really appealed to me.”

Lee cites two primary factors in helping her decision to record with Studio Pros: “From a practical point of view, there was no better way that I could budget my money to get anything better than what they were offering. The other factor was scheduling.” She found the convenience of Studio Pros’ 48-hour turnaround very appealing. “I’ve never, ever had anybody’s parts completed in that amount of time.”


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