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StudioPros Chosen by Sound on Sound Magazine!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Now it’s official… Even the world’s best music recording magazine chose Studio Pros over other production companies!

Sam Inglis, feature editor of Sound on Sound magazine, reviewed 3 of the top online recording studios in the July 2009 issue of Sound on Sound magazine using one of his songs.  To test them as equally as possible, Sam used a Christmas song he wrote last year and used Studio Pros’ full music production.

Sam’s scratch recording:

After StudioPros’ full music production:

Sam’s article spreads over 6 pages with detailed descriptions of the pre-production and production process.

In brief, Sam writes:

“Very high quality of playing and recording; strong production skills. Ideal  for: Anyone who wants to hand over production of their material to someone else and get top-quality results.”

Here are some of Sam’s conclusions:

“All the instrumental parts Studio Pros delivered were straight out of the top drawer.”

“…I would choose Studio Pros’ version ahead of the others”

Try Studio Pros’ full music production on your song.  Click here to learn more.

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  • amina radouane

    me gusta mucho pero por que escrives en engles pero llo no mutchas palabras en engles

  • renedecuba


  • mixvixen

    Hello. My name is Jennifer Dillon. I run Oscar Productions Ireland which consists of Oscar Recording Studios, Oscar Music Ireland and Oscar Records Ireland. I find it quite amusing that having sent 2 Master CD Tracks to a colleague of mine from our gmail account your advertisement popped up offering Studio Mastering facilities. Also quoting a UK magazine called Sound on Sound. That magazine originated from a publication called Home Studio Recording which Mike Beecher and myself started up in the early 1980′s.

    We further work with Sony BMG as we have work that was associated with E.M.I. Kindest Regards, From Oscar Productions Ireland.

  • Warlock

    Jennifer I am sick and I’m just trying to earn something. Is their a way. I could contact you. I have written some good songs. I am trying to sell , I just need someone to listen. I need to earn something for my wife and cats. I just need a chance. Is their just anyway someone could listen and give me one chance. Please give me chance
    Thank you,

  • Precious iyoriobhe

    My name is precious iyoriobhe, My artist name is Lady-precious,
    My nationality i am a swedish membership and a Nigeria citizen. I live in Stockholm, sweden

    About me
    I am a Hip pop artist. a singer and a model, songwriter and ready to record my songs. i want to have My music produced and start air promotions, Tv and Radio stations, but i am having a hard time in finding a studio and a producer in stockholm, sometimes it feels that all the studio and producers in stockholm are only interested in money or working with the super stars and do not care about new artist and would not give time or chance to work with new artist, and My music is good to earth, special and different and ready to produced, but finding a studio and a producer in stockholm is a Big fire and i do not want to waste My little money and My Big time, i need your assistant studio pros to get My music done

    Best Regards

  • Tevita

    I actually like the raw version for some reason?

  • saadaqah


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