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How to Make an Unforgettable Music Production

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Have you ever wondered what makes a song instantly recognizable?

Take a listen to the first five seconds of this song:

How is it that it’s possible to know what song it is just from listening to the first five seconds?

One instrument (acoustic guitar). Two chords. It can’t be any simpler than that, yet it’s unique and easy to remember. How many times have you been to a live concert where the artist starts playing their hit song, and within the first couple of seconds the crowd goes crazy? Why? Because they know what song it is immediately.

I was at a friend’s house one night and he was flipping quickly through his iPod to find a song he wanted to play. As he scrolled through, we decided to play a game. He would play the first second of a song and stop it–the rest of us would have to guess it. It was sort of like the old game show, “Name That Tune,” but we only had one note or chord to identify the song.

Seems pretty tough, right? Surprisingly, we got almost all of them right. Why is that?

It’s because hit songs have to be instantly memorable. In order to be memorable, a song has to have unforgettable production value. I wish I could give you a magic formula for how to make your song instantly recognizable, but I can’t…  But one thing that all of the artists you hear on the radio have in common is this: they had their songs produced by a professional who knew what they were doing. When a talented artist teams up with a talented producer who knows how to record a hit song, big things are bound to happen.

It used to be that hiring a great producer would set you back thousands of dollars. But that’s just not true anymore. When you team of with Studio Pros, you’re teaming up with a group of professional musicians who have worked with countless successful artists in the past. You’ll be able to take your great ideas and have them produced at a quality that’s equal to the hits you hear on the radio.

Think about how your next production can be as unforgettable as today’s hits. Call Studio Pros today and record something that won’t need any longer than five seconds to identify.

  • Winski

    Very nice article. I think it’s important to create an atmosphere, to tell a little tale, story with your music, instruments and lyrics. I think when you put your emotional energy into a song… this energy/feel will touch those who are in a same state of feeling or attracted to it. Some songs make a great first impression, just like people, others grow on you or seduce those who are in a relevant mood or similar phase in their life. The popularity of the sound and character of a song depends on the ‘spirit of the moment’ (Zeitgeist). And let’s face it, the marketing machine that pushes is. Question is.. does a basically ok song get better when you hear it more often.. if you see that your pear group adopts it. Sometimes the line between massive marketing and a massive song is vague. Maybe good songs appeal to a certain ‘song logic’ that people have.. that when they hear a song… it somehow feels natural to them (melody wise, sound wise etc.). This is a nice mistery:-) that makes songwriting very interesting. Greetz, Winski — Skelley’s Dream

  • Robin Smith

    I am excited about Studio Pros and what it has to offer. However I am somewhat confused about the process. How would you know the melody, the peaks and the lows in song structure Would I send you a recorded version of my projection of the song. Or would you simply take the lyrics and build your best take on that song? Also do you work with the Lyricists until they’re satified with the recording. If so would that come at an additional cost?

    Would I get to tell you I need a voice strong and similiar to Michael Bolton or Powerful and Angelic like Celin Dion. How would I check outside sources for movies looking for Music.? Can you also explain Music Licensing Currently I’m sitting on well over Three hundred songs that needs to breathe life. On average what is the average cost for Vocal and Piano or Guitar? For someone on a budget what option would you consider to be the best way to go.

    How long does this process take? As well would all rights to that song remain mine.? I’m hoping to have found the answer to my dreams. I am nothing more than a Lyricists, no voice ,no instruments. Just words. I appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You.

  • robin white

    at moment I am trying to improve my lyrical prowess – to get away from one liners and paint a better picture, having said that, there is no magic formula even if you do have a song you think is great because its a talent scout that has to think its good enough to foreward to an artist
    I got 3 songs thru Taxi screeners, then I got told by one of their top people that one that went thru wasn’t up to broad caste standard, you can appreciate that when they argue amongst themselves to what should or shouldn’t have gone thru I am less likely to beleive them in any matter

  • Ola

    can u get me one such talented producer? I have wanted to put my ready made song together ( on a budget though) but did not know how to get me a producer. can u get one for me? I am Ola. I am in Maryland 20710

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