Pro Session Players Are Right At Your Fingertips

You may have seen the title of this post and wondered to yourself, “How could I possibly have professional session musicians at my fingertips?  I’m an independent musician who doesn’t have the resources.”  You’re not alone in thinking that–plenty of indie musicians out there have the same mindset.  But it’s actually a lot easier than you think to have a pro session musician play on your songs. It wasn’t always this way.  There certainly was a time when you needed… [Read More]

Recording Vocals: Finding The Right Recording Studio

Vocals can make or break your song’s potential.  Having a sub-par vocal track can bring down an otherwise great song.  But an excellent, professional vocal recording can be the key element that puts your song in “radio ready” territory.  There are any number of reasons why you might want to find a recording studio to record your vocals in.  Lots of people have home recording setups, but while you can sometimes get by recording or sequencing instruments in your home,… [Read More]

Finding the Right Music Producer

Finding the right producer for my music has been about as hard as finding the right words for my songs.  Frustrated with my lack of budget to record my songs with the high quality they deserve, I’ve even resorted to asking fellow musicians to help me for free.  Because of this, “We’ll work on it next weekend” has become a phrase that I am all too familiar with…  And “next weekend” never seems to arrive. I learned that if your… [Read More]

Recording Guitar–And Making it Sound Great!

You’ve written a hit song. You have a guitar (perfectly in tune, of course) and a microphone.  You might even have a drum beat recorded and ready to go.  All the tools you need to record a guitar part are at your disposal…  But what can you do to lay down a GREAT-sounding part, instead of just a good one? BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS/SPACE Make sure you’ve set up your recording space in a comfortable setting with the lowest… [Read More]

Pre-production: the core of a professional production

Most of Studio Pros’ full music production projects start with the rhythm section tracks–first the drums, then the bass immediately after. Later on, we continue to the guitars, keyboards and any other instruments. The vocals are usually last to be recorded, right before the mixing and mastering stages. In order to get the best results from the rhythm section, we create a guitar or a keyboard “sketch” for the song before bringing the session players into the studio. What is… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Tim Knighton

Ever wondered how a full music production is made?  Here’s the step-by-step process of how Tim Knighton produced his first song. It all starts with an idea.  In Tim Knighton’s case, it was an idea for his original song called “Hail the Woman,” one of many tunes he wanted to record for an album.  “The website was easy to use,” he explains.  “So I picked a track that I knew I’d want to put on the album and thought I’d… [Read More]

10 Questions With Studio Pros Head Mastering Engineer

The icing on the cake, the lighting on a painting, the toppings on the salad, the shine on your shoes, the cream in your coffee, the finishing touch.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We’ve all heard mastering described by these analogies by our more audio literate friends.  But what does mastering REALLY mean? I get this question often as the head of production at Studio Pros.  Clients are often asking what the difference is between mixing and mastering.  Sure, they understand it’s… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Tom Gray

In need of professional studio musicians to make his vision come alive, Tom Gray and Studio Pros made the perfect recordings of his most personal songs. Tom Gray grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, where he found himself involved in both the local jazz and rock scenes. A performer and composer, Gray was also classically trained as a singer, adding yet another facet to his diverse musical upbringing. But with the music he’s made with Studio Pros, he’s taken his versatile… [Read More]

StudioPros Chosen by Sound on Sound Magazine!

Now it’s official… Even the world’s best music recording magazine chose Studio Pros over other production companies! Sam Inglis, feature editor of Sound on Sound magazine, reviewed 3 of the top online recording studios in the July 2009 issue of Sound on Sound magazine using one of his songs.  To test them as equally as possible, Sam used a Christmas song he wrote last year and used Studio Pros’ full music production. Sam’s scratch recording: After StudioPros’ full music… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Allenton Hill

Tim and Christopher Allen decided to use Studio Pros to breathe a little life into their recordings.  In the end, they ended up getting a bit more than that. Along with Brad Ackerman (drums) and Kristin Allen (vocalist), Tim and Chris Allen form the band Allenton Hill, who cite influences as diverse as Owl City (on the song “Fireworks,” listen below) and Switchfoot.  “Truthfully, most of our music has been influenced by three main bands: Hillsong, Phil Wickham, and Coldplay,”… [Read More]

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