Featured Artist: Kimmo Olavi

Kimmo Olavi is one of those clients that always manages to brighten my day. I have had such a pleasure helping him collaborate on his recordings now and we’ve developed a great relationship since I first spoke to him last February. First contacting me on our Free Consultation page, he had described that he is based out of Finland and has never had his songs professionally produced. Mentioning reference pop singer/songwriter artists such as Missy Higgins as inspiration, someone that… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Rachel Savitt

Rachel Savitt is a 22 year old California based singer/songwriter. She sparked my attention from her first time contacting us for a Free Project Consultation at StudioPros. When I first hit play and listened to her guitar/vocal demo, I could hear the unique tone in her vocals and catchy vocal melodies that came through in her recording. As a producer, I was able to see through the quality of the demo and introduce some production ideas to help Rachel transform… [Read More]

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