StudioPros DRUMS WEEK!

It’s time to get into the groove. This week we are featuring everything that gives your song a little extra movement! Check out StudioPros live drums, drum programming and live percussion. Take $25 off all drum and percussion related services this week only. USECODE: GROOVIN¬† To check out StudioPros Drum Services and order online:   Contact an available producer to set up an order: 1-310-928-7776 or email us at offer valid 07/18/2019 – 07/25/2019 order now, upload files… [Read More]

The Art of Collaborative Songwriting

Tips for A Great Co-writing Session The Situation:¬†You’ve spent countless nights humming into your voice memos. You’ve scribbled dozens of ideas into the notepad on the bedside table after 2AM. But now, after spending most of your songwriting journey alone, other people want to come in and crash your party. If you’re a notoriously awkward collaborator, haven’t done it enough, or have never written with anyone before, here are a few tips for a smooth co-writing session. Songwriting With A… [Read More]

The Importance of Work For Hire

You’ve written a great song. You have a strong melody, lyrics, the musical structure is set and you have a vision for the production. The next step is finding the right team of musicians, engineers and producers to help you bring your vision to life. As an independent artist you come across a lot of decisions that can make or break your career in the industry of songwriting and pitching your songs to film and tv. Decisions such as: What… [Read More]

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