Featured Artist: Debora Ferrante

Ever since she was little girl in Poland, student Debora Ferrante has dreamt of a life in music. Currently she’s finishing her studies and working as a restaurant server. Despite her busy schedule, she works hard to make time for her music. She began songwriting a couple of years ago, putting her experiences onto paper. When asked where her inspiration comes from, she said” my music always mirrors what’s in my head. It could be a memory, an emotion or… [Read More]

StudioPros Topline SALE

Create A Custom Song with StudioPros Topline Service November is here. We are gearing up for the busy holiday season, but before we get there we wanted to help your songwriting in the right direction with a Vocal Topline Sale! What is a topline? To put it plainly, lyrics + melody. Provide one of the StudioPros topline writers with an instrumental, some theme ideas and references to get started. We’ll take it from there with a custom melody + lyrics… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Rob McCurdy

StudioPros gives new life to a Latin-Rock inspired song. Rob McCurdy is a retired IT Professional, now full-time songwriter whose life motto is to “live life to the fullest” in every way possible. Having been serious about writing songs for 50+ years, he has now used StudioPros to polish up his records and achieve a more professional and creative sound within his music. His featured song “She Drives Me Wild” tells his own personal story of a wistful fleeting romance… [Read More]

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