Anyone Has a Chance to Make It

This is a pretty amazing time in the music industry. Sure, you might be hearing a lot about how the business is suffering, records aren’t selling, and all sorts of other stories of doom and gloom. But what you may not be hearing about is how exciting it is for independent artists at the moment.

Yes, big record companies are suffering at the hands of the Internet and file sharing. But there’s something else going on that you may also have noticed… Artists are finding success in unorthodox ways. Look at Justin Bieber: you may not like his music, but he’s nothing short of a sensation at the moment. And how did he start out? With a YouTube video. Soulja Boy got a number one hit song, and his career was launched by Myspace.

And they’re not the only ones, either. Lots of musicians are going from unknowns to having international followings because of social networking, viral videos, and other modern ways of reaching fans. Remember when OK Go came out with their “treadmill video?” Suddenly they became a household name. And if it weren’t for the wonders of the world wide web, these artists may never have gotten their big break!

But what does this mean for you?

It means that you could be the next overnight Internet success story. Thanks to modern technology, just about anyone has the chance of making it these days. But there is still one key aspect that you must have, and that’s a professional quality, radio-ready recording. Because if you get half a million views on YouTube but don’t have a recording that radio stations can play along with their usual playlists, they won’t play it.

In today’s music business, record companies demand that artists have done most of the work already—they have a fan base, and they have a recording that’s ready to go. The less investment necessary for them, the better.

So the solution is simple:
1. Write an incredible song that will be worthy of a million YouTube hits.
2. Record a radio-ready version of it that will be ready to hand to radio stations after your overnight success.

We want you to have that professional recording, so we’ve got our own state-of-the-art technology to get it to you fast. Click here to start a production today so you can be ready for success tomorrow.

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