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First things first, HAPPY FRIDAY. TGIF! I wanted to share with you a really fun project I’ve recently wrapped up here at StudioPros in collaboration with my client Thierry Kauffman. Thierry lives in France. To me, it’s just amazing how we can get so much done and collaborate on a project like this from halfway around the world. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE that brings us all together.

Thierry has good melody ideas and lyrics, but he always needs help to execute his productions in a professional way and take them to the next level. Cue the StudioPros production team! Our StudioPros keyboardist wrote a custom chord progression to make the structure of Thierry’s song more profession, Filip wrote a pop melody based on his ideas and delivered a pro vocal track and we fully flushed out the production from the ground up with our team.

Check out our BEFORE and AFTER of the song “You Lift Me Up”:

BEFORE: (Thierry’s Song Idea):

AFTER: (StudioPros Final Production of You Lift Me Up):

Thierry had lyrics and a scratch idea for the chorus but needed help executing the melody throughout the whole song. We also utilized StudioPros keyboardist to create a solid foundation sketch for our vocalist Filip to build off of when writing the melody. From there, we went through the step by step production process. We chose live drums, bass, guitars, keys, duet vocals with Filip and Alice, a full string quartet arrangement and finally a beautiful string quartet performance.

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