Upload Your Raw Footage

If you ended up with high quality, large size video clips as your raw footage, you can either ship it to us via snail mail or send it to us online. To send us your files online: 1. To make the upload process faster and easier, compress the files into a 1gb zip files. Download and install winrar – fits both mac and PC. 2. Select all your videos or folders. Right click (Command click on mac) and select ‘Add to… [Read More]

Tips for Shooting Quality Footage

After you’re ready with your storyboard, here are some tips for getting a high quality footage: 1. Determine what sort of video production you’re going for. Depending on the type of video production you’re going for, you can hand hold your camera (producing a slight “shaky” cam type shot) or put your camera on a tripod for a more steady solid shot. If you’re going for the more raw hand held look, try to steady the camera as much as… [Read More]

Making Your Own Music Video

Making a music video clip used to be something that only major label artists would do. Today, just like recording your own song at home or online, it’s easier than before to shoot your own music video. Follow these guidelines in creating your music video: 1.  The core of a good music video is a good story. Develop the idea that you’d like the music video to be based off of. Think of a concept that you can have that will… [Read More]

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