Featured Artist: Danila Sigal

Being the daughter of a classically-trained prodigy concert violinist, longtime StudioPros client Danila Sigal was brought up around music her entire life. As a kid, she wrote songs and studied piano, but it wasn’t until her metastatic cancer diagnosis that music took on a whole new meaning. She says, “ [Music] became my main source of reflective self-expression.” After a long corporate career, she is “currently fully dedicated to motivational work through music, as an ambassador and health advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness.”

Danila began working with StudioPros many years ago, after searching for session musicians with a fast turnaround time. Thus would begin the process of “developing a pipeline of prototypes for her songs that she later used as a foundation to produce her album”. She mentioned that the StudioPros process was “Not at all difficult!  I loved that it was online, with a clear process, lead times, approval or modification steps, that no matter where in the world you live, work was seamlessly being executed towards a great result. StudioPros is a key part of my go-to musical team.”

When asked what was the inspiration for “Entre Tu y El”, Danila replied “it’s a song inspired by Mother Theresa’s prayer “Anyway”, which basically states that everything you do is between you and God.  Whether others acknowledge your efforts or not, whether you are kind but others treat you wrong, whether you are honest and others fault you…it all boils down to staying true to your values regardless of the outer world, because “it was never between you and them anyway”.  

StudioPros is able to help with any project, at a variety of stages. As Danila states, “Depending on which stage I am of a project, I would give StudioPros an instrumental track with lyrics, a fully-fleshed production (in another language or genre) or an “a capella” vocal track of my songs, for them to either add professional lead vocals, back vocals or sometimes even producing a totally new arrangement, based on my requirements or objectives.  For example, with the song “Entre Tu y El”, I gave them a ballad and they refreshed it into an urban version hybrid with reggaeton!”

Before StudioPros: Ballad Version of “Entre Tu Y El”

After StudioPros: Reggaeton Version of “Entre Tu Y El”

When she’s not creating music, Danila can be found having profound conversations with her family and friends, eating lots of Nutella, and being of service to others in whatever way she can. She refers to the Wayne Dyer quote “ Don’t die with your music in you”, as daily inspiration to create. She will continue to release her music ”coupled with respective music videos which I believe are important to get across my motivational message in a more impactful way.”  We at StudioPros hope to continue being a part of her journey every step of the way.

For More Info on Artist Danila:

Web: www.danilasigal.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/danilasigal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/danilasigal
Instagram: @danisigalinspire

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