Featured Artist: Debora Ferrante

Ever since she was little girl in Poland, student Debora Ferrante has dreamt of a life in music. Currently she’s finishing her studies and working as a restaurant server. Despite her busy schedule, she works hard to make time for her music. She began songwriting a couple of years ago, putting her experiences onto paper. When asked where her inspiration comes from, she said” my music always mirrors what’s in my head. It could be a memory, an emotion or a fantasy but it is always something very real to me.” 

StudioPros offers full production packages that are fully customizable. Influenced by Halsey and Billie Eilish, Debora was interested in an alternative pop and modern indie sound. “Surrender” features drum programming, keyboards, guitars, backing vocals by Chloe, and a custom mix and master.

After working on “Surrender” at several other studios, she felt that the ability to work with our professional StudioPros musicians, and a dedicated producer, is exactly what the song needed!

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Her featured song “Surrender” is a very personal and emotionally packed tune. She explains, “I was not in the best place when writing this song. Controlling household and a controlling relationship was not the ideal situation for me. It was very overwhelming and seemed like there was no way out. I always pretended to be happy, always a smile on my face. It felt like there was nothing I could do. That’s where the idea of surrendering came in. I was at work and a melody jumped in my head, and the words just flew from there.”

In addition to her love of music, Debora enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. She’s excited to continue her work with StudioPros, and to share her music with the world!

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