Featured Artist : Joe Faylor

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

But if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.

Joe Faylor got on the StudioPros radar when he entered “Died And Gone To Heaven” during our 2019 Country Song Contest. As the creator of executive media presentations for multinational companies in Silicon Valley, he’s always had a creative bug.  “I knew I wanted the song to be country” he shares.  “I’d had the idea for it and some of the lyrics for a really long time.”

When the opportunity came to win a full production from StudioPros, he did some quick midi instrument programming and finished writing ‘Died And Gone To Heaven’ in a hurry. And while he didn’t walk away with the grand prize, he made the personal favorites list of Producer Samantha James.  So after several days and a few calls back and forth, Joe decided to jump in head first and move forward with a full production anyway.


Check out “Died And Gone To Heaven” Produced by StudioPros:

BEFORE StudioPros Production:

AFTER StudioPros Production:


In the end, we used some of his own keyboard programming alongside StudioPros live drums, bass, guitars, pedal steel and background vocal production.  After all of the instrumentation was recorded, Joe recorded final vocals in his home studio before we completed the final mixdown and master.  This is his first collaboration wit the StudioPros team, but we foresee many more productions with him in our musical future!


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