Featured Artist: Ronnie Souza

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ronnie Souza for the past 3 years to help complete his full album of productions. The StudioPros team has fully produced the album from the ground up using live band instrumentation ranging from rock arrangements, to adding full horn sections and live string arrangements.

Ronnie has a talent for writing beautifully crafted melodies and has quite a versatility of styles in his songwriting ranging from adult contemporary, pop, blues and even country. He even brought in a children’s choir locally to sing on one of the songs (“I’ve Got A Bluebird”). Since bass is Ronnie’s instrument, he chose to play bass on the songs while the StudioPros team contributed all of the other musical elements. I’m really proud of the way the final album has turned out and even more proud of YOU Ronnie!

Selections from “Reflections” Produced by StudioPros:

Yes It’s True:

She Calls Me Crazy:

I’ve Got A Bluebird

How Long

Everything and Everything


“I was looking for a site for making backing tracks of some covers that I do, and backing track of my
originals and what StudioPros offered was unique. I fell in love with the process of recording my songs with StudioPros.

My producer Kati O’Toole made it very easy for me throughout the process. Working with StudioPros musicians, engineers and producers was a dream come true.  In a few words by being professional the StudioPros team, made my album all fall into place perfectly. They made it easy for me to visualize my songs from the start to the end and I asked what I needed along the way.”

To get YOUR songs produced by StudioPros:

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