Featured Artist: Silver Saddih

Making Music Across Continents With Studio Pros.

Collaborating with Studio Pros mixing and mastering engineer all the way from Nigeria, Silver Saddih proves you don’t have to be in the same country, even continent to make music together.  I was blown away the  first time I heard Silver’s vocals when listening to the mix preview of “I Be Boss”.   I shared it immediately with my Studio Pros co-producer Keeley Bumford.  We both were dancing in our seats listening to this track.

Silver hails from Kaduna state, Nigeria (West Africa) and currently lives in Lagos and Abuja.  His crystal clear R&B vocal tone has undertones of his native African roots which really makes his sound unique.  You can hear his world influences coming through in his vocal performances, combined with contemporary pop and R&B/hip hop influences.  It amazes me how we can collaborate with talent like this instantly between Los Angeles and Nigeria – thanks to the internet.

Silver talks about his life as an artist in Nigeria and what inspires him, “Well, life itself unfolding is an inspiration. I view music as being able to perceive and interpret everyday experiences. For me, it’s ultimately about expression.  Nigeria is a very vibrant country. And this energy reflects in every aspect of it’s social life. It’s in my beats, my melodies and lyrics. The average Nigerian is a happy person and knows how to have a good time. This has influenced the overall feel of my production as well as the instrumentation; with traditional percussion fused into my ‘Afro-pop’ jams.”

Listen to Silver’s final mix and master done by Studio Pros:

Finding The Right Fit For Your Post Production Needs:

Silver had produced his songs in Nigeria with local musicians and producers.  He was looking for the contemporary sound of American producers and engineers for his final mixing and mastering.  When looking into solutions for the perfect fit for the final touches, Silver chose Studio Pros.  “My music partner had explored the Internet for professional music services that are efficient and affordable.  He discovered a number of prospects but thought Studio Pros was offering something worth a try.  We approached the collaboration with Studio Pros as an experiment. We sampled a number of songs and profiles on the website and wondered how the kind of music we were producing would be interpreted by these professionals.   Studio Pros provides professional music services that are worth every cent. The mixing and mastering of ‘I Be Boss’ was the first job and we were very impressed by the overall quality of the service – it got accepted without a single correction.”

How It Works:

Silver and his music partners were able to order the mix online with Studio Pros’ convenient online mix order form.  They selected the style, services needed and were able to specify specific mix notes directly to our Grammy Nominated engineer.  After the order was placed, they were able to upload their final wav files of their project directly to their order through the Studio Pros’ server and they are instantly transferred to our engineer in the amount of time it takes the upload to complete.  Forget snail mail!  Within 72 hours, our engineer had a final mix/master and tuned preview for Silver awaiting him in his account.

Silver has continued with two more additional projects from his album and we are helping him get his songs Broadcast Quality for promotional purposes and radio airplay.  So I asked him, what’s next? – “We are currently working on a promotional album of these tracks. The target is to create beautiful music that can be enjoyed just about anywhere in the world.  As an artist, I would like to share my gift with as many people as possible. I would equally like to perform for as long as possible growing through every stage of the journey.”  You may wonder the same thing I do, WHAT IS THE RECORDING INDUSTRY LIKE IN NIGERIA? Silver states, “The Music Industry in Nigeria has come a long way. Time and again, a good number of artists have and continue to make their mark across Africa and indeed the world. The Industry is sophisticated with a lot of talent, some of the best recording studios in Africa and very good prospects for commercial success. In the last five years, there have been several collaborations between Nigerian Artists and popular acts across the pacific: the likes of Rick Ross, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg.”

I can only say good things about Silver and his voice.  While I’ll keep the other two tracks a secret for now, I will tell you one thing, THIS GUY IS GOOD!  I am looking forward to continuing a long term working relationship with Silver as an artist as we continue to help him with the final touches on his album.

If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on, contact me, Kati O’Toole at: 1-310-928-7776 or order online: https://studiopros.com/mixing.php