Featured Artist: Theodore Frederickson

Theodore Frederickson used Studio Pros to help him write and record his songs and won a highly-competitive songwriting competition from Broadjam.com.

“I vividly remember watching the very first appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was just a young kid,” remembers Theodore Frederickson. “It really turned me on to music, as it did many people of my generation.” Frederickson continued his love for rock music throughout his life, but didn’t enter the industry as an artist until he had wrapped up a business career. “In early 2008, I semi-retired from the business world and began focusing on writing songs,” he says. “For the last three years I’ve really focused heavily on songwriting, and I’ve worked with a lot of studios and musicians.”

One of the studios Frederickson began working with was Studio Pros, which he found to be “truly unique” among the many online services he tried. “Their process is highly interactive,” he explains. One of the things that made Studio Pros unique to him was the fact that he could adjust his songs as many times as he wanted during the recording process. “It’s unlike most demo companies, which just send you the finished product without any opportunity for changes along the way.”

Two songs that Frederickson recorded with Studio Pros, “Tragedy” and “Blissful Sadness,” won in the highly competitive 2010 Broadjam.com 6-Pack Songwriting Contest. Broadjam has almost 200,000 members worldwide consisting of musicians, songwriters and producers who review each others’ work and vote on the contest.

Listen to Frederickson’s winning Studio Pros productions:

Frederickson plans on submitting his music to be recorded by other artists, as well as to be placed on TV shows and in films. Because of this, he appreciated Studio Pros’ work-for-hire agreement which allows him to retain the rights to his music—even after he hired Studio Pros musicians to help him write melodies for his songs. “You own all the royalty rights to both the music and the lyrics, so the song is then available for you to do with as you see fit,” he says. “It’s a good business arrangement to own 100% of those musical and lyrical rights, which is really one of the key and crucial business advantages of dealing with Studio Pros.”

Frederickson has recorded 17 songs (and counting) with Studio Pros. “I’m thrilled with every single one of them,” he says. “They do an outstanding job.”

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