Featured Project: Zoonicorns Animation

Producers Collaborate With StudioPros Session Vocalists From Across The Globe

The StudioPros production team has experience in all styles of music to fit any recording need. This month’s featured project focuses on how our team of session vocalists filled in the missing pieces on a cartoon project, The Zoonicorns. Collaborating with film producer/director Cliff Dew based out of Los Angeles and David Franco as the music producer/composer based out of London, StudioPros provided the vocal talent for this project.

Commercial projects such as this are a fun, creative challenge for our team. Our vocalists had to get into character and do the voiceover/vocal parts for Zoonicorn characters Valeo, Aliel and Ene. StudioPros vocalists Connor, Filip and Chelle exceeded expectations and we are loving watching these videos rise in popularity on YouTube.

Like these two producers, you can utilize StudioPros session musicians from wherever you live on a work-for-hire basis. We deliver projects within a 48 hour turnaround and send the files online.

Check out the Zoonicorn Clips Featuring StudioPros Vocalists:

Finding The Right Production Team for Your Songs

Composer David Franco reflects on when he first found out about StudioPros: “Working on my showreel for my work in the Games Industry I contracted StudioPros for some live string sessions. I’ve continued to use them ever since for instrumentation as well as live vocalists,” says Franco. “StudioPros has put me in touch with fantastic musicians half way across the globe that I have access to 24/7. Their team is responsive and have allowed me to show my clients any works in progress and feedback directly to StudioPros for any revisions when necessary. The team has always been incredibly accommodating with such requests.”

Franco has used StudioPros for an array of instruments for his projects ranging from mandolin, vocals and live strings since 2012. When he was approached with the new musical contribution to the Zoonicorns project by producer Cliff Dew, he knew where to source his vocals — StudioPros!

Working with StudioPros Online From Different Countries

“I was keen to use StudioPros on this project because it provided a one stop shop to source versatile vocals with the guarantee of a high quality end product. I don’t want to worry about my session performers when working on a deadline and StudioPros offers me that peace of mind.” Franco says.

“StudioPros was extremely professional and easy to coordinate online,” Dew says. Since Franco and Dew were collaborating from different countries, having access to the StudioPros platform where they could submit necessary files and share their contributions online made the process really simple.

Pitching Your Material After It’s Professionally Produced

Dew is in the process of pitching the Zoonicorn animated music videos as a wholesome children’s TV show.

Original video content will be added to toys, books and apps under the Zoonicorn brand. Originally introduced at Licensing Expo in 2015, the Zoonicorn property now features five new animated music videos to accompany its plush toys, books, apps and interactive website. Produced and directed by Cliff Dew of Jumping Frog Entertainment, each video features an original score and lyrics produced by David Franco with “bad ass” singers provided by StudioPros. The music videos will act as demos to promote The Zoonicorns as a children’s TV show.

“I was very fortunate to have such great creative people to work with on this Zoonicorn Project. The owner of the property, Mark Lubratt, and his licensing and brand manager, J’net Smith, have been a complete pleasure to work with as they guided me through the important Zoonicorn character traits and Zooniverse environmental elements they wanted to include in the animation and music. Music and songs are universal, especially with kids and for this project. I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to be able to surround myself with people who are easy to work with and incredibly talented,” says Cliff Dew.

 Hire A StudioPros Vocalist for YOUR Songs!

We have recently added some new vocalist talent to our StudioPros team. Check out the roster of talented female and male vocalists.

To order a vocal track or listen to the available vocalist’s demo reels:

Contact an available producer if you’d like help with your project at: 1-310-928-7776 or by emailing info@studiopros.com.

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