Finding the Missing Pieces To Your Home Recordings

Let Studio Pros help you fill in all of the missing elements to your home recordings.

Adrian Sakashita is a composer who spends his time between Los Angeles and London as well as an online business owner.  This is the perfect case for Studio Pros, as Adrian can manage his projects from all around the world and still be kept in the loop on his production, while not wasting too much time at a studio.

 Studio Pros just recently worked with him on his latest work “Seduction” and filled in the missing pieces of his recordings using our studio musicians, “Studio Pros helps make better music!  I simply couldn’t resist the temptation and dove in head first a few years ago.  Since then, I’ve turned my attention back to composition.”

While Adrian has a home studio set up where he can record, he’s found collaborating with other musicians helps him get the finished missing elements to his music in a professional manner.  “The better results come from collaboration… and it’s more fun.  In the long run you save both time and money!  I consider Studio Pros to be my on-demand musical collaborators,” Adrian says. 

As a keyboardist, it isn’t practical for Adrian to waste time on a bass track or clunking out a midi drum part if he can hire studio musicians to play his trouble instruments.  Though Adrian can invest time and money in getting all of the home gear to accomplish creating midi sounds, why do it if you he can hire a professional studio drummer and save money? “ Real instruments and real musicians are a hard combination to beat.  That’s why I count on the Pros to help me out.”

Along with collaborating with us here at Studio Pros, Adrian took his online project to the next level and documented his step to step project by creating a music blog.  “I thought it would be fun to chronicle a project from start to finish.  I think many people are surprised at how a song develops from usually nothing more than a basic riff.  It was cool way to generate some immediate content for my humble little blog, and will hopefully help answer many of the questions I get after the fact.”

Check out Adrian’s step by step documentation of using Studio Pros: 

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