Give Your Song A Voice.

Have you written a chord progression and have ideas for the perfect instrumental track but are falling short in the songwriting department when it comes to lyrics, melody and singing? We can help!

StudioPros topline service is something we’ve recently introduced and has been proven to help songwriters take their projects to the next level.

The Best Way To Finish Your Partial Recordings.

Whether you are stuck with a partial recording, or just have the instrumental and no lyrics or melody, we have a team of talented songwriters available to collaborate with you.

A perfect example is Angie Thompson, who has used our services for several years ranging from full production in all styles from indie, rock and contemporary Christian. Angie pitches her songs to film and TV licensing opportunities and asked me about our topline service after we completed her last instrumental production. With a radio ready instrumental, we sent some ideas to two of our female vocalists to write to the same backing track (Lena and Chloe).

Lena and Chloe specialize in songwriting. The idea of having 2 completely different artists write to the same backing track was really intriguing to me and I was really happy with both results!

Check out the results:

Chloe’s Topline “Better Than Home”: (performed by Chloe):

Lena’s Topline “You Wake Me Up” (performed by Chloe):


“Working with StudioPros songwriters was so easy and exciting. I love the collaborative process and it was sheer joy to hear 2 new songs come from the same instrumental track. The songwriters understood exactly what I needed just by following the contour of the instrumental track and my initial concepts. I will use this feature again!

Having 2 different songwriters perspective on the same song doubled my placement possibilities.  Making a few suggestions from the onset, each songwriter came up with a unique set of lyrics with melodies for the same instrumental track. I was excited that their first takes were exactly what I knew I could use.

I will be pitching this for placement in film and television as either source music and as a feature.”

Tips for Preparing Your Songs for Topline Songwriting Success.

It will make writing a hook and a memorable melody easier if you develop the instrumental bed with a singer/ songwriter in mind, such as a singable key, tempo, and simple chord progression. Be as specific as possible on how you envision the song to be used and describe what you want the listener to feel when they hear the finished song. This will help the songwriters know how far to leap. Then give then the creative power to take your song to the next level.

Get Your Custom Song Finished by StudioPros Songwriters!

To listen to the available vocalists and checkout their demo reels:

Contact an available producer at: 1-310-928-7776 or email us at: to set up your project today!

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