What’s the Best Way to Produce Your Songs?

What’s the best  way to produce your songs?  In order to answer that question, you’ll need to answer another first: what are your musical goals?

What would you do with your song if it was already produced just like you wanted it to be? Would you try to get placements in movies? Would you want it played on popular TV shows? How about a commercial spot? Or would you rather pitch it to another artist? Maybe you’re just looking to record a single to send to all of your friends, or you want to have a song to post on the Internet and rack up some plays on Myspace and fans on Facebook. Defining the end goal will help you determine the best way to produce your song, because you’ll know more about the specific needs for the song’s final product.

Your song can be produced in many ways

There are multiple options on the table when it comes to producing your song. You could hire a band and rent a day in a commercial recording studio. You could send your tune to a “one man band” producer, a sort of jack of all trades that can arrange and perform most of the tracks himself. You could produce it with musicians via the Internet (just like Studio Pros). In the end, you’re the only one who can decide on the best way to record your song.

Be careful with technology

Today’s technology can be a blessing and a curse. While in some ways it can be convenient, sometimes it can confuse you and steer you off-course from your goal. I’ve seen many a musician attempt to produce their songs themselves, only to get stuck when they couldn’t find the right synth sound for the chorus or when they ran into trouble with their computer or recording software. Recording a song has seemingly become very simple these days, but with so many different choices in recording technology and software, that simplicity is somewhat deceptive. Multiple options can make it tough to figure out what’s best for your song.

Recording studio costs can sneak up on you

It also might seem simple to rent out a studio and hire a few side musicians without spending too much, but you might feel differently once you’re in the studio. You may discover that you need a producer for an objective outside opinion, or a killer engineer to be sure you’re recording great sounds. You could also realize that the musicians you hired just aren’t giving you the results you need, and before you know it a day in the studio becomes a few days or even a week. Suddenly you’re spending way more money than you had bargained for–and still not getting the results you desire!

If you have a clear goal in mind behind the purpose for recording your song, all of these problems would be very easy to solve. When you know the end result you need, it’s much easier to make the right choices along the way. Studio Pros might not be the only way to record a song, but if you choose us you can be sure that your song will be produced professionally and quickly–and you can start it right now from the comfort of your own home!

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