Improve Your Songwriting With MasterWriter

I wanted to take a quick minute to pop in and tell you about a songwriting software that I have found to be quite helpful in my songwriting. Do you have trouble finding the right word at times, or have gotten stuck with finding the perfect way to get your point across without repeating phrases? Enter

MasterWriter is everything a writer needs assembled in one place! This software helps you create exceptional lyrics and themes to make your songs stand out from the crowd. Often times, clients come to me with a roadblock in the songwriting process where they just can’t find the perfect way to get their point across. MasterWriter is a handy tool that is easy to use and can offer some great suggestions when you get stuck.



A few examples of what you can do with MasterWriter:


1. Find the perfect rhyme for your song.

I chose to type in the word “Sunshine” to see what options were available. Attached is a screen shot of what MasterWriter gave me.

2. Finding synonyms:

When searching the term “sunshine” I found ideas I hadn’t considered that can be utilized in my songwriting.

3. Search metaphors that can be used in your song.

I was looking for a positive metaphor that was 3 syllables long. I was able to select if I was looking for positive, negative or neutral. Having this option to refine my search for syllables also is so helpful in finding the right phrase to fit the melody and timing of a specific section of a song.

Take the 3 Minute MasterWriter Software Tour:

MasterWriter is also offering a free trial to all new subscribers. CLICK HERE to start your FREE TRIAL TODAY!  Let me know what you think and send me the new song ideas you come up with!


Kati O’Toole
StudioPros Head of Production

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