Can Keyboards Give Drummers a Run For Their Money?

If you want a great drum track for your song, you might want to practice your… keyboard skills?

Well, if this video teaches us anything, it’s that we musicians should probably start shedding our keyboard chops if we want to record a funky, tight drum part:

And if you want to really rock out, just follow this guy’s lead (he really busts it open at about 1:20):

So the moral of these two videos is this: if you want to record a drum track, you can lock yourself in your room, practice drumming on a keyboard for hours on end, and then maybe in a few years you might be able to play something that resembles a real drummer. Almost.


You can spend all that time that you would have been practicing your fake drumming skills working on writing great songs instead, and have a real studio drummer lay down a live drum beat for your song within 48 hours.

So let’s do a quick recap: years of practice, or a two-day turnaround? Something that sort of sounds like a real drummer, or something that’s actually played by a professional studio drummer? A $2,000 keyboard, or a $150 drum track?

I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is the better choice! And when you’re ready to have studio-quality drums recorded for your next song, have Studio Pros make it easy for you!

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