Neovaii Releases New Album Horizon

Congratulations to one of our long time favorite EDM producers Neovii on his latest release Horizon! This is the second album release collaboration with StudioPros and we’re really proud of how everything turned out.

Neovaii teamed up with our vocalist Chloe to complete the lyrics and melody (topline) on his compositions. The combination of Chloe’s pop female vocals with his beats creates the magic of this last release. The end result is a dramatic contrast of driving beats with a beautiful airy pop vocal. Check it out for yourself.

Holiday by Neovaii (featuring StudioPros vocalist Chloe):


Chase Pop:

The Fool:



Just Be Me:



To follow purchase Neovaii’s songs online or add to your playlist:

Are you a producer that specializes in creating the backing tracks, but haven’t found the right fit for the topline? Look no further!

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