Vocal Tips with Brenna Whitaker

brenna-rocks-out-in-the-studio.jpgBrenna Whitaker is a talented singer that has worked with Studio Pros over the years. She’s also had years of experience performing around the country and studied and had her own bands around the country from New York, Vegas to Los Angeles.

Do you have any tips for vocalists out there who are trying to record in their home studios?

First of all, find a comfortable spot to set up your studio in your home. Next, have a basic set up to where everything is accessible to you while you’re recording. Make sure the outside noise is quiet and you are getting the best sound with what you have to work with. It helps to cover the windows to reduce noise and hang blankets or tapestries on the walls to soften the echos. Be creative with what you have in your home recording studio. There are no rules for recording in your own studio.

Do you have any particular vocal warm ups you do before you step into a recording session?

Depending on how big of a range the song is, I usually have to warm up my voice for about 25 minutes. I like to go through a series of ooh’s and aah’s, scales are always helpful to get my voice going. Also, just singing harmonies to a song on the radio is a fun way to get ready to record in the studio. Do you do all of your vocals in one take?
Every once in a while I have that lucky song. But most of the time, I have to perfect things by punching into the song. The trick to punching in is finding a spot in the phrase that doesn’t effect the fluidity of the song. You never want to punch in the middle of a phrase or word.

What’s the best way to make multiple takes sound as if you were singing the song straight through?

I like to be nice to the mix engineer in this case. But there are things you can do to make punched in tracks sound fluid. Fades at the point of the punch in are a great way to make sure that there aren’t punch in sounds and weird transitions between takes.

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