Music production by Studio Pros: The Sketch

The first step of Studio Pros’ full music production package is laying down a guitar/keyboard track with a melody line synced to a click. We call it: A Sketch.

The sketch will help the rhythm section (the drummer and bass player) to understand the structure, the chord progression and the melody of the song.   This is the foundation of the production and will later be replaced by the final guitars/keys. The sketch will NOT serve as part of the production’s final tracks.

How Can You Tell If The Sketch is Good To Go?

Sing your song along with the sketch and make sure that the structure, tempo and chords are right.

What’s Studio Pros Chords Progression/Composition Service?

If you only have lyrics, a vocal recording or a very rough demo of your song  you can hire Studio Pros’ composer to write a unique chord progression for your song. This service is an additional $170 to the initial production cost. At the end, you’ll be the sole owner of the composition and will have the right to use it as you’d like.

If you have further question about our recording service, contact us.

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