Music Marketing Tips: Find Your Niche

As musicians, we want our music to be loved by everyone. Maybe not everyone in the world, but at least everyone who hears it (or everyone we know) So we make up reasons why everyone we talk to will love our songs. “If you like good music, you’ll like my music.” “My songs transcend musical tastes, so just listen and you’ll love it.” “Our band plays songs that appeal across generations and to every culture.” The problem is, in our… [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Music Promotion

The Internet can be a bit of a blessing and a curse for musicians.  On the one hand, it provides modern artists with an unprecedented number of avenues to gain exposure.  From MySpace to Facebook to music blogs, there are countless ways bands and artists can potentially reach thousands, even millions of music fans with just a few clicks of the mouse.  On the other hand, this ability for instant exposure means that anyone can do the exact same thing,… [Read More]

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