The Earth In Unity

Angie Zawada is a Montreal based songwriter that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with since 2012. Together, we have completed 5 projects that range from full production to mixing and mastering. This particular project “To Gaia’s Freedom” was a project we helped finalize by taking her raw stems and completing the final touch of mixing and mastering with our StudioPros engineer.

When Angie contacted me a few weeks ago, I knew that the material she would be sending was going to be timely for what the world needs right now. She has a knack for writing messages of hope and unity. I was so excited to hear from her again. The StudioPros team took her files that she had tracked locally at a Montreal studio and professionally mixed and mastered the song so she can release it now when we need it most. Send me all of the songs of hope and unity.

Check out To Gaia’s Freedom with Instrumentation:

Check out To Gaia’s Freedom (acapella version):

In Angie’s Words:

“To Gaia’s Freedom” is a choral mantra to visualize a radiant Planet Earth, with all its inhabitants, thriving in its inherent vibration of well-being. This mantra is also a formal hand-written composition, the first I have ever written and that I hope to publish one day.

What is amazing to me is that its release during this unprecedented world crisis is a synchronicity that I did not script. It was actually written in 2005, but it took another 14 years to complete as a formal SATB composition -although I did not work on it consistently throughout this time. I was simply figuring it out as I went as I knew almost nothing about formal music notation.

I needed a lot of help! And although the choir was recorded a year ago, the personal challenges I have faced this year made it impossible to move forward as intended. It was actually not until I returned from NYC in early March of this year, that I had a breakthrough, inspiring me to reach StudioPros, to bring this piece home for once and for all. So in that it was released at this particular time was not ‘planned’, but I could not have planned it better had I tried. I am moved and grateful if it can be of service.

My producer’s enthusiasm when she first heard my mix was very energizing. She said, “send me everything! The world needs this right now! Let’s get this out there!” That gave me further momentum, and from there all was relatively effortless. I submitted the 5 studio-recorded choral sections (recorded in Montreal, 2019), the instrumental files recorded in 2007 (for the non-acapella version), the mix I had made <at my home studio> as a reference for what I was looking for + my mix notes. Within a week, after only minor edit requests, the engineer had mixed and mastered 2 versions, with and without the soundtrack. I could not believe his speed and the refined quality he was able to produce. It was whole and a dream come true. 15 years later, I not only had the completed composition but a mastered track as well. Thank you with all my heart, StudioPros!!

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