StudioPros Topline SALE

Create A Custom Song with StudioPros Topline Service

November is here. We are gearing up for the busy holiday season, but before we get there we wanted to help your songwriting in the right direction with a Vocal Topline Sale!

What is a topline? To put it plainly, lyrics + melody. Provide one of the StudioPros topline writers with an instrumental, some theme ideas and references to get started. We’ll take it from there with a custom melody + lyrics written to YOUR song!

This week only, save $50 on ALL Vocalist Topline orders.

USECODE: TOPLINE to save $50 

Topline Rates:

Vocalist Rate      $179.00/lead vocal + $50/backing vocal
Topline Fee:       $299.00
Sub-Total         : $478.00
DISCOUNT         :$50.00
TOTAL       =       $428.00

To listen to vocalists demo reels or place an order online:

Female Vocalists available for topline:

Lena, Alice, Chloe, Shay, Marie (NEW)

Male Vocalists available for topline:

Marcello, Evan, Filip, Davey, Connor

Need help placing an order? Contact an available producer today at: 1-310-928-7776 or email us:

  • order now, upload files later
  • no limit to the number of orders you place
  • 1 week turnaround on topline orders
  • offer valid 11/05/2019 – 11/12/2019
  • USECODE: TOPLINE to save $50


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