Using Studio Pros to Make an iPhone App

Have you ever wondered what kinds of creative things our customers do with their Studio Pros productions?

Most people use our service to record their music for albums or demos, then sell them through iTunes and send them off to radio stations and record label A&R departments. Lots of artists use Studio Pros to showcase their songwriting skills and enter contests. And many take our broadcast-quality productions and pursue film and TV licensing opportunities.

But some of our customers want to utilize our world-class session players for something completely different… Case in point: the Touchrock Pro iPhone app!

When a developer approached us about helping to make a rock and roll guitar iPhone app, we jumped at the opportunity. The task: have our guitarist record a selection of metal guitar riffs, chords and licks that the user could then “play” on their iPhone by pressing various buttons. So we recorded some heavy chords, a few chunky riffs, and plenty of shredding speed metal licks which were compiled into a guitar soundboard, complete with a guitar pedal-inspired graphical interface.

What will our customers think up next? If you have a novel idea for Studio Pros, submit it to our free project consultation page so we can hear about it!

And check out the Touchrock Pro iPhone app!

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