We Call Today Our Christmas

Mark Timmerman is a client I have had the pleasure of working with for the past. In fact, I helped him produce this very same Christmas song 1 years ago! When we originally approached the production of his original Christmas song “We Call Today Our Christmas,” we had approached it as a female lead version with different lyrics.

After sitting on the song for a year and deciding what he wanted to change the 2nd time around, we revised the production with more a male vocal lead and a live string section! Live strings- can’t beat them.

Check out the new version of “We Call Today Our Christmas”:

As the song developed, working with Kati At Studio Pros and using Evan for the vocals, the song took on a really nice gospel Christmas sound. We added a live string quartet to round it out and I’m very pleased with the new song!

My goal for the song has always been to have it performed by a large church or school Christmas show/production but more importantly is to have it heard by as many ears as possible….dogs and cats included!

As always it has been a joy working with Studio Pros. Kati is great at digging out what I wanted and pushing back when I’m not hearing it! Evan brought a style and passion to the song that takes it to a whole new level! The Studio Pros experience has been excellent.

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