Touring Tips: Should I Rent a Van?

Hitting the road is a lot of fun, but the expenses can add up. Being away from your day job, high gas prices and constantly eating out are just a few of the things that might make touring seem like a financial strain—especially if you’re not guaranteed to make money at every gig. So you may be wondering if it’s at all cost effective to rent a van to transport you and your gear. I run into this situation all… [Read More]

Recording Tips: How to Stop Putting It Off

Recording is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work, too. It’s so easy to put it off when you’ve got a ton of things that seem more important at the time. I find myself doing it constantly. I could record a vocal track, but I have to get my laundry done. I could lay down a few guitar parts, but I’ve gotta go to meet up with friends in an hour and I don’t… [Read More]

Grammys: Studio Pros Gets a Win!

I watch the Grammys every year. I almost feel obligated to, like I would be missing out if I didn’t check out the biggest award ceremony of my industry. Sometimes there are a lot of artists nominated that I love, and other times my tastes differ from what the general public has been listening to for the last year. When I was a kid, I would root for my favorite artists to clean up at the Grammys and yell at… [Read More]

Recording Your Demo: Don’t Forget the Art!

You’ve spent so much time focusing on making music, you may not have even considered an important part of your CD or demo: album art. But even though most people download MP3s and your CD art tends to be relegated to a tiny square in the bottom corner of iTunes, it’s actually a more important aspect of your demo than you may think. Setting the Tone Like it or not, your CD cover sets the tone for the whole experience… [Read More]

Music Licensing Tips: Performance Rights Organizations

You may have heard of companies such as ASCAP and BMI. These are called Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) and they exist to help you as an artist get paid whenever you get film placements, TV placements, and other music licensing opportunities. If a cell phone company uses a musician’s song in one of their commercials, for example, that songwriter will get paid through whichever PRO he is a member of. Different Performance Rights Organizations There are several PROs in the… [Read More]

How to Get on SiriusXM Satellite Radio

We’ve already discussed how to get your music on Pandora Internet radio, probably the holy grail of online radio services. But there are plenty of other radio stations—Internet and otherwise—that might have a spot in their playlist for your latest track. One resource for potential radio airplay is satellite radio stations on SiriusXM radio. Sirius vs. XM? Not Anymore. It used to be that there were two competing satellite radio services: Sirius and XM radio. But in 2008, the two… [Read More]

CD Duplication or CD Replication?

After all the writing, recording and post-production you’ve taken on for your recording project, you may be left hoping there’s nothing left to put work into. The job isn’t quite finished at this point, but you’ll be happy to know that the hardest work is already behind you. Writing some great songs and recording a professional demo is no small feat, and you probably won’t have to expend quite as much emotional energy when designing and manufacturing the album. But… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Dimple Sharma

With an upbringing that included classical Indian poetry and Eastern mysticism, it’s no surprise that Dimple Sharma’s music is infused with the sounds of music heard on the other side of the globe. Born in India, her parents passed on their love of the local culture. “My father’s side in India descended from a long line of meditators,” she says. “Thus, the mysticism of the East was ever present in my upbringing.” Sharma has since moved to Toronto, Canada, but… [Read More]

Songwriting Tips: You Can’t Force Inspiration

Have you ever tried writing a song on a deadline? There may be any number of reasons why you’d put a due date on songwriting. You could be trying to write a song for a TV or film licensing opportunity that has a deadline. Or maybe you have a show coming up and you wanted to make sure you had a brand new song to perform for your fans. It could be that you’ve set up a meeting with the… [Read More]

How to Make a Killer Musician’s Website

You’ve probably caught on to the fact that artists today should be sure to get on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. They’re a great way to connect and communicate with fans directly and can work as excellent music promotion tools. But while it’s essential to get in the social networking scene because of the millions of built-in users, you should never overlook the importance of creating your own website. A website allows you to have a central… [Read More]

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