Featured Artist: David Alter

Finding the right team of session musicians for your project David Alter has been one of the more intriguing clients of mine. With a total of 29 songs he’s collaborated on with Studio Pros, he’s become very comfortable with the process of recording online and has refined his own method that works well for him. I first was introduced to David when he came to us with demos for a 21 song rock opera.  He showed me some of the… [Read More]

Record an EP

What is an EP? An EP by definition, is short for extended play (EP), which consists of more music than a single recording but is too short to qualify as a full studio album. EP’s originally became popular with indie bands and punk bands in the UK, but have now gained popularity in the music scene with the changes of the music industry today. These days, the idea of a full length album and the old fashioned sense of buying… [Read More]

Featured Artist: Charlie Barclay

Producing your EP with StudioPros production team. Charlie Barclay is an upcoming Dallas, TX based alternative/pop singer/songwriter who we’ve just had the honor of producing.  Barclay draws inspiration from current artists such as John Mayer, Ben Rector and Steve Moakler as well as classic artists such as Led Zeppelin, Jim Croce, and Jackson Browne. His songs have infectious melodies and lyrics that stay with you far beyond your first listen of the song. Charlie has used Studio Pros to release… [Read More]

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