All You Need is a Chord Progression and a Melody

Did you know that you probably already have enough music to record your album? Even if you just have the basic sketch of a song in your head, it’s probably enough to get started.  The Beatles once famously said that “all you need is love.”  I’m here to say that if you want to record your music, all you really need is a melody and a chord progression. (A little love doesn’t hurt, either!)

You don’t need every section of your song planned out note by note; you don’t need the intro melody or the solo section completely written. All you need is a “sketch.” The song sketch is a rough outline of your song… And when you get world-class, top-notch session musicians to play on your recordings, they help flesh out your creation with their professional expertise. The chord progression, melody and lyrics are the heart and soul of your creation–they are what the whole rest of the production is based off of.

But the production process involves getting down to every last little detail in the song, whether that’s a cool guitar lick in the bridge or a melodic hook in the background vocals. With Studio Pros, you get to be involved in every last step of the process, giving your approval for every instrument as its being recorded. But along with giving your feedback, you get to work with some of the best musicians in the business–musicians who have recorded on hundreds of albums and engineers who have been nominated for Grammy awards. Because of this, you end up collaborating with top professionals who know how to take your song to the next level and make you stand out among the throngs of musicians trying to get heard by record labels and music supervisors.

Consider Tim Knighton, an artist we featured in our blog in June. In our post about him, you can hear step-by-step how his song went from a rough sketch to a full professional production. After you listen to his progression, you’ll realize that you don’t have to have every detail of your song planned out before you decide to lay it down. As I mentioned in a previous post, you shouldn’t make excuses for why you shouldn’t start recording right now–especially the excuse that your songs just aren’t ready.

All you need is a melody and a chord progression. If you have that, your songs are ready to record with Studio Pros. Take the next step to record the album of your dreams: call Studio Pros today!

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