Featured Artist: Different Moon

This month’s featured artist, Different Moon (founded by songwriter Jim Piper) is someone I’ve had the pleasure of producing 13 full productions with over the course of the past year. Each song uniquely crafted, I have seen him evolve as a songwriter as well as a co-producer to help me communicate ideas to the session musicians.

This last song, Hero, is my favorite and I had to share. The production starts as a pop rock track and then unfolds with lush full band instrumentation including a live string quartet arrangement and performance from our team.

Our session vocalist Ashley delivers a powerful pop performance that took the song to a new level. Check it out for yourself and see what StudioPros production team can do!

Check out “Hero” by Different Moon, Produced by StudioPros:

Finding the right production company for your songs.

My long-time friend and I collaborated and co-wrote over 50 songs together as a hobby that we both enjoyed. Several years ago, he passed away and I wanted to honor his memory by releasing some of our songs to the public. During an online Google search in July, 2015, I discovered that StudioPros helps songwriters get their song demos professionally produced. I reached out to them and Kati contacted me the next day.

The process StudioPros has implemented is really great. It’s tailor made for people like myself who have active lives and work full-time jobs. I have not found it to be difficult at all.

I’m just very thankful that StudioPros has provided an opportunity for a songwriter hobbyist like myself to share my songs with a larger audience and to follow through on honoring my friend through the release of the first EP.

I can’t say enough about everyone at StudioPros. From the producers, to the musicians, engineers, and vocalists- everyone is top-notch in their field. I’m blown away by the talent and their commitment to work with songwriters and artists to deliver a high quality product.

Getting started as a songwriter.

Jim Steinman is my favorite songwriter. My musical influences include classic artists such as Genesis, REM, and Coldplay to name a few.

I began songwriting back in early high school when I was learning to play the piano. I found songwriting to be a creative and emotional outlet and form of expression.

Finding inspiration for “Hero”.

It seems like all we hear on the news these days is negative. I wanted to write about something positive and uplifting. I decided to write about everyday people who demonstrate heroic qualities in honorable ways during their daily lives – things like raising kids, donating time to charity, working hard despite little pay, helping each other in various ways, etc. All of these types of qualities make the world a better place and I admire that. The video for Hero also celebrates the heroes of 9/11 and the people who lost their lives.

What’s next for Different Moon?

The songs that StudioPros produced came out so well that I decided to get the music out there as much as possible and continue writing new songs. Perhaps there is an audience who would also enjoy the music. Therefore, I’ve released two EP’s and two singles and I’ve also had several YouTube music videos produced.

Next up is to see if there is any interest for the songs in film and TV. The songs are streaming on internet radio such as Spotify and soon to be Pandora. They are also available for sale on iTunes and other outlets as well as on my website: www.differentmoon.com.

Get your songs produced by StudioPros

If you are interested in getting YOUR songs produced professionally, don’t hesitate to contact producers Kati O’Toole or Robb Hutzal.

If you’d like to discuss getting a project started, call: 1-310-928-7776. We look forward to working with you soon!

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