Featured Artist: Donna Lynch

Untitled design (1)This month’s featured artist, Donna Lynch, came to me with a lyric sheet and one goal — to create a cool, laid back contemporary pop song with top 40 potential. After a few long phone calls, we came up with a game plan to fully produce her song, “What’s Inside.”

The StudioPros production team created the chord progression from scratch and arranged the song using multiple keyboard layers, synth bass, a single guitar track, and Evan on vocals. The result is a catchy tune about opening up your heart to the ones you love.


Check out StudioPros Production of “What’s Inside”:

This whole process began when I was searched online for someone to sing my first song, “Baby, I Miss You So.” That’s when I discovered StudioPros and saw the many services they offer songwriters. This staff truly cares about their clients. Since I’m more of a writer and being unacquainted with some of the music and production terminology, it was challenging to articulate my creative ideas.

Finding The Right Production Team For Your Songs

My Producer Ethan got to know me quickly and figured out exactly what I was striving for in terms of the musical arrangement and how the song should be produced. He made suggestions to add extra instruments needed for the melody and the emotions in the song. The vocalist Evan even tweaked a couple of lyrics so everything could blend beautifully. This staff truly cares about their clients and are extremely fast, professional, and supportive.

Get Your Songs Produced By StudioPros

To listen to more music production demos and order online:

If you’d like to discuss getting a project started, call: 1-310-928-7776. We look forward to working with you soon!

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