Featured Artist: Jack Brill

A versatile songwriter, Jack Brill, finds the team to take his songs from demo quality to the radio airwaves.JackBrill

Jack Brill is a blues, pop, rock song writer and a favorite staple for collaboration ,who has now used Studio Pros’ production services on seven songs. Coming away with a great completed set of productions, Brill has proven that you don’t have to be in the same city, country, even continent to collaborate on projects with the Studio Pros team.

Brill left his home of New Jersey in the United States and settled in beautiful Sicily, Italy- causing him to essentially lose his previous band. With the help of Studio Pros’ accesible services, Brill recalls, “It was like a band away from home.”

Listen to Jack’s productions produced by Studio Pros:

Brill cites Bob Dylan as a driving force for his music. We spoke to him about growing up and what it was like harnessing the genius of other songwriters into his songs.  “I think I started writing my own songs cause I couldn’t figure out what he was saying (Dylan), ” says Brill. “My mom hated Dylan’s music, which made me like him even more. Being from Philly in my teens, the folk scene was just starting to emerge. The radio was playing mostly Smokey Robinson, the Tokens and the Temptations, but me and a couple of friends were working on Bob Dylan, Eric Anderson and Dave Van Ronk songs. These guys were my inspiration.”

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The Studio Pros team thoroughly enjoyed working on Brill’s songs as he had such a dynamic variety of songs from pop, blues, rock to bluegrass.  That is the sign of a talented and versatile songwriter.  From the bluesy notes of “I Want You” to the traditional bluegrass instrumentation of “Mother Mary” to the traditional Dixieland big band feel of “New Orleans” -the team took Brill’s basic concept demos and transformed them through the step by step process sending him previews of each instrument as it was tracked all via email.  Together with the producers, Brill hand picked the instrumentation that would best fit the style and final product of the demos that he was going for.

Since Brill focus’s on his songwriting craft as his main gift, he let the Studio Pros session vocalists interpret his songs and bring them to life with their commercial and current vocalists to make them marketable for today’s music. He chose the team of musicians and instrumentation with Studio Pros producer Kati O’Toole to find the right sound and team that would support his songs in the best way.  “The most intriguing thing for me is that I am sitting at my computer in Sicily and working with professional musicians in L.A.”, Brill Noted.  “I can have a beginning, a middle and an end to my songs and they make them Broadcast Quality!! We have been able to get some of our songs played on the radio and listed in a publishers catalog thanks to the professionalism of Studio Pros.  I find that each song presents its own challenge but rather than trying to work out every single part of how you want your song to sound, Studio Pros makes it easy for you.  I like the results I get from Studio Pros and plan on working with them on the rest of my material.”

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