Featured Artist: Sophie Morgan

Pop-country production with Studio Pros.

Meet Sophie Morgan. She is a young UK based singer songwriter with talent well beyond her late teen years. With influences ranging from Frank Sinatra to My Chemical Romance, she is a rising star to watch. Sophie contacted Studio Pros with an interest to record one of her more country/folk influenced songs and the results were outstanding.

We took Sophie’s original piano vocal demo and transformed it into a pop-country hit. Incorporating her influences of pop country artists Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, the Studio Pros team produced Sophie’s original song through our step by step recording process.

We chose the perfect combination of country instrumentation including: country guitars, country fiddle, drums, bass, pedal steel, vocal tuning and backing vocals to support Sophie’s vocals.

Check out Sophie’s recording of Just The Way It Goes:

Before (Just The Way It Goes- Sophie Piano/Vocal Demo)

After (Just The Way It Goes- Studio Pros Production)

“Things are really starting to happen for me now with the help of some very talented musicians, including the Studio Pros team. I found Studio Pros in an advertisement online when I was recruiting musicians for my band. It has been truly incredible. I was concerned that it would be too clinical and the song may lose the atmosphere that you get from been actually in the studio with the musicians.  In reality it feels like I am actually in the studio as I got to input at every stage.”

What’s next for Sophie?

“This recording will become part of my portfolio when we start to approach the record labels next summer. I leave school next year and I have been building a body of work, assembling my band, gigging and establishing my demographics with a strong on line fan base. I want to be in the strongest possible position when I start to chase a major record deal.”

We wish Sophie the best and look forward to seeing her grow as a songwriter and performing artist! To read more about Sophie, check her out at www.sophiemorganmusic.com

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