Featured Artist: Stefan Johanson

stefan-johanson.jpgSo he lives all the way in Sweden? No big deal. Studio Pros spoke with our favorite Scandinavian songwriter about getting his song produced online.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m 34 years old with a huge interest for writing music and performing my songs live. I started playing guitar when I was 13 years old and I wrote my first song when I was 23. I play at some local pubs with a friend of mine and sometimes we play with our two acoustic guitars and harmonica at company parties. I live 20 miles from Gothenburg in Sweden and a couple of my songs have been played on the Swedish radio stations here.

What inspired you to write this particular song?

I was playing around with the acoustic guitar and then it just “came to me” as it often does when it comes to write music & lyrics. I have built a small home recording studio where I record my music before I send them out. I’ve been actively involved in music for about five years now as a songwriter. Once I have a good recording of my material I send the songs to different record companies and radio stations.

Do you recommend recording online for other artists? Why?

Absolutely, it’s a great tool to use and it gives you a lot help if you don’t play instruments that well and if you want something really special.  Having the studio musicians come in and take my ideas and form a finished song was unbelievable.   I can say that StudioPros.com helped me in every way with my song and I can’t thank you guys enough for being so professional!

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