“I Wrote a Hit Song…Now What?”

I’ve collaborated with singer/songwriters and recording artists from around the world and a universal question seems to be “Now What Do I Do?”

If this question has at one time or another crossed your mind, you are not alone. This is a common question that we deal with on a daily basis at Studio Pros.

Writing is not the only thing that goes along with being an artist, but getting a great quality recording is just as important. If you have a hit song, and a bad recording, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Being a songwriter takes hard work, and we’re here to make it EASIER for you.

It’s important to be confident in your product before you even get to the stage of sending it off to publishing companies . Are you 100% sure your song is finished? Make sure that you are not rushing your recording process and have taken the necessary time to get your project finished. The Pros can help you get a broadcast quality demo to send out to A&R representatives, record labels, and publishing companies. We’re here to help you get your songs forwarded or meet that goal of making that debut album you’ve been putting off for too long.

You need to invest in your product and be confident that it is recorded correctly. As we all would love to record from start-finish ourselves, there comes a point in a songwriter’s life where they have to realize that there sometimes are players out there that bottom line “are just better at it”. If you write a killer song, but aren’t the best guitarist, send it to the Studio Pros session guitarist. You’ll still be involved, but just getting a higher quality sound. There is no shame in this. Even the stars do this.

Instead of being frustrated with the A&R people who aren’t biting at “your song”, think back to the source of the problem. Are the songs as well thought out as they should be? Are you keeping in mind the current market for your work? Are your recordings up to par?

At Studio Pros we keep our ears open to current sounds, and apply them to your songs to bring them an up-to-date twist. We know the songwriting market and keep our ears fresh to the current mixing sounds artists are using. Send us a song you’ve written and try it out for yourself.

Many singer/songwriters have had the satisfying feeling of getting their songs produced at a professional level after using our music production service at Studio Pros. We hope you will be our next success.

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