Pro Session Players Are Right At Your Fingertips

You may have seen the title of this post and wondered to yourself, “How could I possibly have professional session musicians at my fingertips?  I’m an independent musician who doesn’t have the resources.”  You’re not alone in thinking that–plenty of indie musicians out there have the same mindset.  But it’s actually a lot easier than you think to have a pro session musician play on your songs.

It wasn’t always this way.  There certainly was a time when you needed to be signed to a record label and get that sort of corporate backing in order to have the cash to get your songs recorded in a professional studio with top-notch musicians.  But that’s not the case anymore; the recording industry is in the midst of a huge change.  And this transition has been happening for years…

Artists don’t need major label distribution

Today’s independent musicians no longer have to rely on getting record contracts or demo deals to make music and reach fans.  Myspace is a perfect example of why this has changed.  Any songwriter can use it (or any number of similar sites such as Facebook) to post a song on the Internet and reach an audience anywhere in the world.  A singer/songwriter in Tulsa, Oklahoma can have people in Germany listening to their music without any help from music industry bigwigs–something that was unheard of not too long ago.  Because of this, these days anyone can call themselves an artist without having any support from a record label or publishing company.

As access to new fans has expanded for independent artists over the past decade or so, their options for recording their songs have also grown.  For the most part, expensive recording studio rates are still only an option for signed artists with management and label support.  But for everyone who doesn’t fall into this category, there is a new option: the online recording studio.

Using an online recording studio

This may be an unfamiliar term to you…  How in the world can you possibly record online, you might wonder.  Well, there is a way, and you don’t have to relocate to Los Angeles, New York or Nashville to get a decent sounding demo anymore.  All you need is a way to contact the great session players who do live in these areas and who have their own professional recording studios.

Session players in online “virtual” studios are ahead of the game in the recording industry.  They’ve recognized the challenge the business has been facing and started finding ways to get themselves in touch with independent artists around the globe.  With file sharing services such as Dropbox offering more and more space, plus fast upload speeds becoming more common around the world, it’s easier than ever for musicians to collaborate and send each other recordings without ever meeting face to face.

The online production process

The hardest part about using online recording studios is finding a great player who will give you a guaranteed great product in a short time for an affordable price.  Luckily, that’s where Studio Pros comes in!  The entire recording process is very simple, starting with your song sketch and each instrument being recorded with your approval every step of the way.  The turnaround times are lightning fast and you will get the results that you want, right down to the final mixing and mastering service.

Now you, too, can have top-notch studio musicians play on your music without leaving the house!  It’s easy, so now is the time to get started recording the album you’ve always wanted to make.

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